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Nov 6, 2008 03:48 PM

Whoever suggested Sushi Bong...

Needs to have their head examined....or possibly their taste buds, or lack there of.

Quite possibly one of the worst sushi experiences I have had to date.

Let me start off by saying that my GF is allergic to Tobiko, which I promptly notified the waitress of.

We ordered some rolls and some sashimi. Her rolls (spicey tuna, salmon and salmon avocado) all had some specs of Tobiko on one piece or another.

The Dynamite roll which people here raved about, the shrimp was cold, and there was egg in it....nasty!

Do yourself a favour, do not hit Sushi Bong.

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  1. Agree completely. You haveto beware of the "cheap (and large) = good" mentality that dominates much of chowhound. Exhibit #2: Burrito Boyz.

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    1. re: evansl

      what the fuck?

      burrito boyz is the SHIT!

      i've taken my girlfriend there a few times, as well as my entire basketball team, and no one had ANY complaints. best burritos i've had in toronto, and living downtown and eating a lot of torontonian food, that's saying something.

      1. re: iwantwatursmokin

        lol. love the response! I agree Burrito Boyz rocks. Now the poutinerie on the other hand..... not so much.

    2. What's wrong with rolls with egg in them? Egg sushi in available in lots of places.
      Also, what's wrong with cold shrimp? The Vietnamese restaurants all have cold rolls, some of which contain cold shrimp.

      You might not like that combination, but some people do.

      Regarding everything else at Sushi Bong, I can't disagree... the only thing I like there is the Dynamite Roll.

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      1. re: kwong

        The dynamite roll has tempura shrimp, right? If so, then clearly that's what the original poster had against cold shrimp... cold tempura shrimp is generally soggy and unappealing.

        1. re: kwong

          Cold shrimp tempura rolls are disgusting.

          Cold fried anything is disgusting.

          Rolls with sweet egg are disgusting.

          Do yourselves a favor, if you are in this area, forget sushi bong, head to Dumpling king (about 6 shops east in the same plaza) instead.

        2. I must admit, the staff has a very hard time understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth and vice versa for me understanding them and thats ok, thats Toronto. But recently they have messed up so many of my take out orders that I won't go back. I really do enjoy their Vegi tempura rolls but I would hardly call them a sushi experience, and when they don't understand the difference between 1 orders or 3 orders regularly, I can no longer support their establishment.

          1. The original comment has been removed