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Nov 6, 2008 03:13 PM

Kosher Pancakes NYC Metro area?

I am a ride leader with the 5 Boro Bicycle Club (, the only one such who is strictly kosher/shomer shabbos. I am trying to plan a trip for the club for New Years Day for kosher pancakes/waffles i.e. a dairy restaurant. Somewhere in the outer boroughs is good. There was an intriguing-sounding place on Staten Island, Good Appetite at 1980 Victory Blvd., but the listed phone # in shamash is disconnected. So, any other SI suggestions? Brooklyn? Bronx? Queens? We're likely starting in Manhattan, either Bridgemarket (and over the QBB), City Hall (and over the Bklyn Bridge), Columbus circle (and up to the Bronx?).

I'm not aware of anything in Ft. Lee. There's the JCC of the Palisades I suppose.

I'm already running a trip to Teaneck for fleishig lunch on 12/25. Probably the Persian Grill again, we've done it 2x already and it was well received though it is small. In case of large crowd we punt for Dougies.

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  1. How about KOSHER CORNER at 73-01 Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens (718-263-1177), or GARDEN OF EATIN' at 1416 Ave. J (by E. 15th St.) in Brooklyn (718-252-5289). I've eaten at both restaurants and enjoyed them very much. I just called both of them for you, and they're open with full breakfast service (pancakes, waffles, omelettes, etc.) Enjoy, and keep those wheels movin'!

    1. I had pancakes at Muskat on Union Turnpike in Queens last year. I recall them being decent, though I can't say they were amazing. I am not really a dairy person, so I generally wouldn't choose a place like that, but I know it's a pretty popular place.

      1. I second Garden of Eat-In in brooklyn.. they are open very early for sunday mornings and do great pancakes and breakfast specials...

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          Garden of Eat-In doesn't have much atmosphere, and I personally don't care for their food. Friends of mine love it though and go all the time. If you decide not to go to pancakes, Sunflower Cafe in Brooklyn does an Israeli breakfast.