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Nov 6, 2008 02:51 PM

Cordoroy's food?

For those of you who have been to the new is it? Anything "must have" to order?

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  1. We loved the Duck Egg and Leg salad, but I was a little underwhelmed by the food. I had so many great meals at the old location that I was expecting the near-perfection I had previously experienced, especially since prices increased around 30% across the board.

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      Reiflame- Thanks for your input about the food. The duck salad sounds great! What is the atmosphere like now? I have not been to the old location either.

      1. re: chicken kabob

        The atmosphere is a major improvement - it's small, but well designed and quiet. There's an open kitchen, and on the night I was there Chef Powers was up front and center.

        I forgot to mention that desserts were a particular disappointment.

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        I agree the Duck Egg and leg salad was worth eating. The chicken was great too. Went there the first week and the wine list was very reasonable, not sure if it still is.

      3. The food is incredible!! When I went I got the scallops and they were so amazing I was practically moaning at the table. Everything we had was excellent...including my boyfriend's duck egg and confit salad (just homey and delicious). I also liked the lobster carpaccio.

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          oh my...My husband and I have a reservation at Corduroy tomorrow night. I have heard good things and we liked the food at the old location, so I have high hopes. Any other comments out there? Both lobster appetizers sound great (from other posts) but I like firm textures. Are both of these dishes very soft in texture since one is raw and the other sounds like it is barely cooked. Thanks.

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            The capraccio is very light. I described it in my original review as almost the essence of lobster. It has a strong lobster and drawn butter taste but it is light, airy and delicious.

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              The carpaccio is not firm; it is paper thin shaved raw lobster.

              The lobster salad is cooked; if you like cooked lobster then you probably won't mind the texture.

          2. Check out this recent thread for Corduroy that describes the food and decor in a lot of detail:

            There are many other posts if you search under the correct spelling.

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              Crackers- Thank you! That thread was very helpful.