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Nov 6, 2008 02:51 PM

Where to Buy Hungarian Wine in Chicago?????

I'm looking for non-tokay Hungarian wine in Chicago - anyone know where to go to buy???

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  1., enter Wine: Hungary, Location: USA / IL, plenty of hits.
    Among other retailers:

      1. re: wally

        I've tried all the large retailers and also online, but can not find non-tokaji varietals. I was hoping someone knew of a boutique wine store or speciality place....

      2. what varietals are you looking for?

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        1. re: Icantread

          Specifically, I'm looking for red varietals from Gere or Bock, or from other producers in the Villany region.

          1. re: smkeddy

            mmi- monarchia matt is an importer with a range of hungarian producers. they distribute in illinois so my suggestion would be to ask your favorite wine shop to order some specific wines that you would like from their distributor.

            1. re: cockscomb

              I've had and enjoy some of these. I was specifically looking for Gere and Bock, but can't find them. I've even contacted the winery directly and they can't ship directly to me and the only place they directed me to was a distributor to an Arizona wine shop! We loved the wines we had in Budapest but cannot seem to find there here - which I thought for sure that in a city like Chicago we'd be able to find them.

              1. re: smkeddy

                Doubtful. Wines from Eastern Europe have long been junk -- sorry -- and it's only been SINCE the fall of Communism that investments have been made to improve their quality, and these naturally focused on the wines from Tokaji, which has managed to cling to its 19th century reputation for excellence despite spending most of the 20th century in oblivion.

                I am *sure* you enjoyed some delicious wines in Hungary. But just as the US has only (relatively) recently discovered Austrian wines, the US as a whole has only minimal interest in the wines of Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova -- even Greece!

                Your best bet is *not* on the wine board. Ask on the Chicago board -- you may get a better answer.

                1. re: zin1953

                  I was amazed to find out that K&L Wines in San Francisco has about 18 dry Hungarian wines. I would have bet no more than about two or three. What I would do is throw myself on the mercy of K&L, send them an email and ask them the name of the distributor of the wine they carry. Look at what they have so you can ask about a specific wine. Once you get the distributor's name, ask the distributor who carries Hungarian wine in the Chicago area.

        2. I always go to Foremost Liquor.

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