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Nov 6, 2008 02:50 PM

Cooking Challenge

What would be your biggest cooking challenge? Mine would be making cheese(always wanted to do this), oh and croissants.

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  1. effortless onion rings ; battered ,tempura or corn meal breaded #2 on the list would be
    fruit fritters ,light,crisp and even of colour
    I find both a labor intensive pain in the ... at home.So much more delicate than other fried things.

    1. I came across this post looking for a cooking challenge naturally. Croissants were mine this summer. It turned out that they are not nearly as difficult as I thought they might be when I started. I used the recipe from Sherry yard's Secrets of Baking. A time consuming but so worth it.

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        Croissants were mine too. This summer I finally used the recipe from Baking With Julia - how great! My previous challenge had been chocolate babka. Finally, motivated and inspired by a Seinfeld rerun, I used Deb's recipe on - again. how great! I think I'm ready for a new challenge and will probably find some as this post continues.