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Nov 6, 2008 02:27 PM

Favorite *CHICKEN* sandwich

So I have been totally loving the favorite hamburger thread here! i have to say though (and it's a joke with my friends) I *love* chicken sandwiches. I think I've eaten more of these in my lifetime than anything else, and though it may seem to be a simple dish, it can be done very poorly (which is sad) and they can be done extremely well. So i have to ask what is your favorite chicken sandwich in LA? I'm partial to the grilled-chicken-breast-onna-bun style sandwich, but i'm interested in any kinda chicken on bread style sandwiches. so here's mine...

Cafe 101
The thing is HUGE. it's a massive tasty good blackened chicken breast with a creole mayo that is outta this world. I love it when things are blackened, without tasting burnt. I eat this with a knife and fork and usually end up with about 2-3 meals outta this sandwich. The taste is amazing (super juicy and tender) and the value (it's less than $10!) is what really seals the deal for me. I like it 'cause it's simple and flavorful diner food.

The Waffle
I ate here for the first time about a month ago. I really didn't want to like this place. I got the buffalo chicken sandwich with blue, WOW! An excellent medium spicy marinated chicken breast, the blue cheese was actually melted and had strong flaovor that compliment the buffalo and chicken happiess (I usually don't like blue cheese 'cause it overpowers things) I think this sammy came with bacon. A juicy sandwich without the stringiness some chickie sandwiches can have. Another sandwich I had to eat with a knife and fork Sandwiches with bacon make me so happy!

Both sandwiches had flavorful buns (that sounded wrong), that had a firm texture without being tough. I hate that when you bite into a sammy and everything slides out 'cause you can't "break" the bun. >_<

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  1. Tallyrand, which is a little greasy spoon coffee shop in Burbank makes a surprisingly good chicken club sandwich. The chicken is moist breast meat, and the whole thing is just delicious. I suggest ordering it with avocado, and fries instead of the fruit salad and carrot cake which are the default accompaniments.

    Talleyrand Restaurant
    1700 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA

    1. Hugo's (WeHo) Cuban sandwich is made with chicken, and is very good. Done as a wrap.

      1. I haven't had the chance to eat one in a couple of years, but I used to really like the grilled chicken sandwich at Pico Kosher Deli (on Pico Blvd. near Robertson).

        1. OK, I'll put it out there: I like the chicken tarna rolled up in the pita from Zankou, but I'll admit I ask for as much of their garlic paste as they'll give me and use the sandwich mostly as a vehicle for the condiment. Only $5. Gotta be fresh made and eat it there -- it is way too sloppy to eat in the car and doesn't travel well to take out.

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            Second the chicken tarna, as well as the suggestion to get extra garlic sauce on the side.

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              Zankou Chicken
              5065 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

          2. Old World Delicatessen in West Covina has an oustanding cold chicken salad and great fresh baked sandwich rolls. You can eat there or buy everything and put it together later at home. Every time I go there I tell some other customer standing at the walk-up deli counter to try a sample of the chicken salad and their response is always the same, "OMG,that is good," as they order some. In fact, that was how I learned about it from some other customer. Also, the bread rolls are always fresh and have a perfect tug and chew.

            One other deli item that goes very well with the sandwich is their pasta salad. This stuff is so good that it really does not need a sandwich. I have eaten many bowls of this all by itself.

            Oh, the cookies. Those chololate covered coconut cookies....what are they called.? Crap! Now I will never get back to sleep....

            Old World Delicatessen (Chicken salad, tuna salad, Pasta salad, sandwich rolls
            2648 E Workman Ave
            West Covina, CA 91791
            (626) 967-6307