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Nov 6, 2008 02:26 PM

Manzanilla, Ensenada

Does anyone know if this restaruant is still open? We tried to track it down for a couple of hours two weeks ago, with no luck. Any information would be so appreciated . . . . Thanks.

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  1. Did you try the contact info in its web site?

    The owner posts good info on this board as "Bigote/s".

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    1. re: foodeye

      I am new to this site. How do I search for Bigote/s? Thanks.

      1. re: rubydear

        To search, just put the word/name Bigotes in the blank at the top of the page that says: Search this board.

        And it looks like the restaurant has moved....can you maybe check in with a local hotel, or a tourist office, to see if it has re-opened yet?

        Here is a quote from a prior post:
        Hello my name is Benito Molina and I am the chef owner at Manzanilla In Ensenada And I would like to clear up a couple of things I have read in these great site pushed by some customers that asked if we are here or not .I was hired to be the chef at the Santo Tomas Winery restaurant Embotelladora Vieja by Hugo D'Acosta thirteen years ago . My wife Solange who is also a chef and I opened Manzanilla eight years ago we opened in mexico city three years ago but unfortunatly things did not go as planed we have been back in Ensenada for two years now. We opened a season retaurant in the Guadalupe valley called Silvestre open from friday to sunday during end of may to end of october, also we opened a new place
        next to the mercado negro called Muelle tres in the plant where the farm raised mussels are prepared to be shiped to the U.S. and central Mexico
        that is open from wednesday to sunday just lunch. Manzanilla is open wednesday to saturday lunch and dinner we will be moving to a new location during the summer 2008 when I have the addres I will post it. Congratulations ChowHound !!

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        bigotes Jan 13, 2008 07:48AM

    2. Its on riveroll and 1 - you need to get back its an amazing place with an even more incredible owner-chef whom i am grateful to have the oppty to have met

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      1. re: kare_raisu

        Hi - We went to the address on Riveroll (122) and it was no longer there. The servers at Laja said is closed. When were you there last?

        Thanks. Dawn

        1. re: rubydear

          Actually the Manzanilla is going to be relocated (not sure how to get to the new location, but its in the vicinity) and new location is currently being remodeled. Not sure when it is going to reopen but it should be within the next couple of weeks. Check out Muelle 3, it is another restaurant by the same owners.

          1. re: bigo82

            Hello every one !

            Yes we are relocating but as you can imagine when you start a construction you don't know for sure when it's going to be finished ..... So the new location is blvd. Teniente Azueta 139 right in front of the shipyard, where the old entrance of Ensenada was.
            We will be ready very soon and when it hapens I wil for sure post it .
            Meanwhile we are opening Muelle tres Tuesday to Sunday lunch and Thursday to Saturday dinner.
            The season in Silvestre is now over
            Salud !!

            1. re: bigotes


              I think it would definitely be in your own best interest (as well as mine) for you to update the Manzanilla website--or at least stick a temporary note saying you are moving and give the location of the new facility. You don't want old and new customers to get the idea that you've gone out of business (as RubyDear apparently did). And it certainly doesn't help if your fellow Ensenada restaurateurs are telling people that Manzanilla is closed (as Laja apparently did). And, out of curiosity, what happens if someone calls the current Manzanilla telephone number seeking a reservation? Do they get a recording explaining what's going on? Or has the phone been disconnected?

              I'm looking forward to my next eating trip to Ensenada and visiting your new place. But that depends on what "very soon" means.

              1. re: dlglidden

                Hi D

                You are absolutly right I will show our designer your post to see if he gets motivated ! and helps me out .....
                If you call Manzanilla your call will be sent to Muelle Tres, once we open it will be the # of the new location.

                Very soon I hope is after thanks Giving ...

                1. re: bigotes

                  "You are absolutly right I will show our designer your post to see if he gets motivated ! and helps me out ...."

                  hahaha! :^)

                  1. re: kare_raisu

                    Hi! My husband and I absolutely LOVED your restaurant last January, and you were just about to move to the new location, we thought. We own a small restaurant North of San Francisco, and it's only closed 2 weeks a of them being the first week of January. We were going to drive down again, just to find the perfect taco, and to eat at Manzanilla again. We loved both of the owners and the chef.

                    However, it sounds as if there might still be construction going on? Did you move twice this year? I'm so sorry if you did! I know no one was excited about the move, and I loved the location last year. This would be a huge part of whether or not we drive down.

                    The other problem is we've been reading some not-so-nice things about activities in Tijuana, and we're a little afraid to drive through the border right now. If you're not quite open yet, we'll wait on our trip instead of risking it. lf anyone knows if this is true, please write back...

                    Funny...when we were asking about Laja, we were told by many people that Manzanilla is way better, and not to bother! It's closed for 2 months a year anyway, which includes the week we drive down, so I guess it's not possible anyway.

                    If we do go down, we'll try Muelle Tres. Thank you for the advice.

                    1. re: sybiljen

                      HELLO !!!

                      YES WE ARE OPEN FINALLY !!!

                      Can't tell you how happy we are .... felt like giving birth again .

                      There are many details still to be done but the new Manzanilla is now open . Gracias a dios .

                      The hours will be from wednesday to saturday 1pm to 1 am the phone is the same (646 175 70 73)it should take a couple of days to start working , our web page is beeing updated.
                      The 31st we will be having a New Years party and close the 1st . We wil reopen friday .
                      The # for Muelle tres is 646 1740318
                      As for the violence in Tijuana what can I say ? Yes it's true a lot of stuff is going on there but just don't wear a gold Rolex and a shiny Hummer in a bad part of town at the wee hours. There are good places to eat a great taco in Tijuana but if you rather not risk it just drive by T.J and head of to Ensenada. Most of the violence is drug ralated , but hey don't temp your luck with the Rolex thing.
                      Laja is closed for the season but they took over the space of 623 it is now called Rincon del Parque they have some nice home made sausages , pizzas and other nice things it's on the corner of parque Revolucion . There is a wine shop that carries most of the local wines

                      Salud Happy holidays !!

                      1. re: bigotes

                        Sounds great bigotes ! I hope to check it out in January, I cant wait. The violence in Baja doesnt stop me, I live life standing up not on my knees.

        2. Talked with one of the folks at Manzanilla the other day, and they will be opening across from where the Black Pearl is anchored, the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean.In the mean time, go to Muelle Tres, it's open and is as amazing as ever.