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Nov 6, 2008 01:14 PM

Veggie bibimbap in DFW?

Does anyone have any reccommendations for a Korean resto with a fair amount of veggie offerings in the DFW? I rarely venture to Korean spots as a non-meat eater but would love to find a place where I can get some great kimchi and bibimbap... and the omnivore bf could tear into some BBQ, making all parties happy!
Many thanks!

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  1. There is a mini korea town on Harry Hines and walnut hill area. I like korea house the best of the places in that area but everyone seems to have their favorite. All have many vege offerings including bibimbop.

    Naan in Plano on legacy and the tollway is also very good. Gui on mckinney ave in uptown is pricey, but great (and has very reasonable lunch specials and a great bibimbop in a hot pot).

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      Korea House looks great, I will def. check it out. Thanks much!

    2. I recently had the rice dish at the 'frog restaurant' next to h mart in carollton and was pleasantly surprise by the dish.. good amount of crunchy rice at bottom.. not so many varieties of side dishes as kalbee house, but foods been great each time i've been.

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        Are you talking about the one that only has Korean characters on the sign? They do have an excellent bowl of bibimbap.

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          yes, thanks for posting.. this one has the frog picture, and on my credit card statement, it actually reads 'frog restaurant'. their marinade for bulgogi is also very good.. i've also tried the tofu restaurant next door, very good, their speciality is the crunchy rice soup, tofu very soft and fresh, but I still prefer the flavors of spices of kimchee jichae from kalbee house.

      2. New Start Veggie Garden, 2330 Royal Ln Ste 900, Dallas Texas 75229, west of I-35, is a vegan Korean restaurant. I've only eaten there once, about a year ago, but it was delicious. The offer a buffet that was both tasty and satisfying to this non-vegetarian.

        So, to say they have a fair amount of veggie offerings would be an understatement. I'm hardly an expert on Korean food. As an example, at the time I dined there I did not understand bibimbap but a lot of the more familiar diners obviously did. I do however, love kimchi and theirs was great.

        Give it a try if you're in the area. A recent web review suggests they are still in business which is not always a given in that part of town. Should you get over there and find them closed, then go back under 35 to Harry Hines and visit Korea House.