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Nov 6, 2008 01:12 PM

What must I eat in Memphis

Heading to Memphis for a quick foodie weekend on Friday. I have been reading various epic BBQ threads online, but thought I would solicit some more up-to-the-minute advice. We are staying on Beale Street, but have a car and will travel for food. I am primarily interested in things that will shorten my lifespan such as fried chicken and ribs. Any advice is appreciated, haven't been to the town before. By the way, not planning on hitting Rendezvous or Corky's as they seem to be consistently panned as expensive tourist traps.

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  1. Hey Sqaubbit, for fried chicken you have to go to Gus' which is downtown and just a short walk from Beale street. This weekend is packed in the city due to the largest convention of the year. Restaurants downtown will be busy. My hubby likes the ribs at BB Kings- meaty and tender. The Mac n' cheese is awesome too. Have a great time!

    1. Cozy Corner on N Parkway for bbq. I like the ribs at the BBQ Shop still. Those threads are still generally applicable. Very few new bbq places survive against the top ones (Paynes, BBQ Shop, Cozy Corner, A&R).

      Here's a map of all the known Memphis BBQ joints

      If you want fried catfish, try Soul Fish in Midtown on Cooper.

      Gus's for chicken.

      1. I agree with tater on bbq and sgcaver on gus'. One place that i really love is a place called Uncle Johns in Crawfordsville, Arkansas. People may think I'm crazy, but I guarantee you it'll be worth the short drive over the river. An Italian farmer opened it long ago as a bbq restaurant then started adding Italian dishes to the menu once he got a following. the only place i know of that you can get ribs and spaghetti on the same plate. the catfish, only served on friday, is the best i've ever had. Info: for finer dining: try encore or circa. great food and atmosphere.

        1. Thanks for the advice. I have been checking things out and it looks like Gus' and BBQ shop (ribs), Payne's (sandwich) are going to be must-haves. Too bad about the convention, I hope I can still get some food.