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Nov 6, 2008 12:39 PM

Vegas - Lunch NOT @Bouchon Bistro OR MAG?

Lots of good posts here on dinner, but not so much for lunch.

Need a few good spots besides the two mentioned in the title.

Watcha got for me 'hounders?

<100 for 2 is preferred.

We'll be staying @The Hotel MB and will have access to a car. Burger Bar is already on the list somewhere.

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  1. Mesa Grill-- great sw cuisine. Sensi at bellagio-- Asian/Indian/Italian/American cuisine.

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    1. re: ssh

      Another vote for Mesa Grill. We were just there on Friday at lunch. The SW Chicken Hash with poached eggs were fabulous. Husband had the burger, which while good, did not compare to the burger at Bradley Ogden's (but that is only open at dinner). Portions are sizeable, can split a salad and an entree and be quite happy.

    2. border grill @ MB, there's a new place in luxor - tacos n tequila

      drive ? do you want to stay close to the strip ? a nice drive out to mt charleston, hoover dam or red rocks then lunch afterwards ? there are just too many options - mexican ? italian ? burgers ? chinese ? vietnamese ? indian ? french bistro ? can you narrow it down a little ?

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      1. re: kjs

        No preference towards anything. I could do light but I'm very open to suggestions.

        I'd like to stay somewhat close to the strip (ie UNLV area ok, downtown ok, hoover dam NOT ok)

        No Vietnamese/Chinese/Korean however as I'm pretty spoiled by LA :)

        Anything else is fair game; bonus points for excellent and light; does Spago do lunch?

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          spago does lunch. how about batali's spot in venetian - enoteca, or across from enoteca is postrio ( wolfgang puck ) - they make a great lobster club ( not quite light, but close ! ) - sorry it's kinda late, i'm drawing a blank on light !

      2. A couple of other options: tapas at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at the Fashion Show mall across from the Wynn. You could make it as light or not-light as you wish. We also like the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at MGM Grand, I like to get the Chinois chicken salad there and have them skip the crunchies and have the dressing on the side, makes for a good lighter choice. You could take the free tram from Mandalay over to MGM. I also second Mesa Grill, they have some decent lighter options at lunch especially if you share.

        1. If the weather is nice, one of my favorite lunch spots is at Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris. They have,in addition to inside seating, a number of tables on the outside patio. This patio is directly across the street from the Bellagio and its water show.

          They have pretty simple French bistro type steak frites, ham and cheese sandwiches, etc.

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          1. re: Random987

            That is the MAG in the title, but thanks for the rec ;)

            1. re: ns1

              Oops! Sorry my LV shorthand is a little rusty

          2. Also, anywhere where we can have a dessert tasting menu besides that one place in CP?