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Nov 6, 2008 12:35 PM

Where to Buy Hungarian Wine in Chicago?????

I am trying to find non-tokay Hungarian wine in Chicago....Anyone know of a place that sells Hungarian wine?

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  1. Try Sam's or Binny's, the two biggest wine chains in the Chicago area. You can look up wines they carry on their websites ( and ), and both include the ability to search by origin.

    1. I've never looked at the wines but they do have a bunch. I go for the sausages. This is the retail outlet for a Hungarian food distributor. I think they have a web site.

      Bende, Inc.
      925 Corporate Woods Pkwy.
      Vernon Hills, IL 60061

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        Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give them a call.

      2. Garden Fresh Market has wide selection of eastern European wines, you may want to try them.

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        1. re: abf005

          Do you know which location? I called the one closest to me in the city and they don't sell wine.

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            Andy's Fruit Market on Kedzie has a good selection of Eastern Eurpopean wines. I'm pretty sure you can find Ekri Bikiver (Bulls Blood) and things like that there.

            1. re: chicagowinediva

              Any idea on who might sell the higher end Hungarian varietals - from producers like Bock or Gere?

            2. re: smkeddy

              The Garden Fresh on Skokie Boulevard in Northbrook sells wine. No idea about the selection.