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Nov 6, 2008 12:02 PM

Fairfield County: very good butcher for less popular cuts of responsibly raised meats?

I'm hoping to cure some meats, and looking for a good butcher in Fairfield County to get pork bellies, and fresh hams, and various animal cheeks, that sort of thing, preferably responsibly raised animals. I live in Riverside and work in Bridgeport and am hoping for anything in between, but would certainly travel a bit to get a hold of what I'm looking for. Any thoughts?

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  1. Can't speak for "responsibly raised", but the ShopRite in Commerce Park on the Stamford/Greenwich border has all kinds of odd cuts and nasty bits. It's really a butcher shop within a grocery store, and worth a try, particularly since what you are looking for is not dry aged prime porterhouse, etc.

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      That's where I usually go - and it is a great butcher department - but I guess I'm looking for something a notch above; the meat quality is usually good there but at times I've been disappointed (even though they do their own butchering, at times the meat seems a bit processed to me, if that makes any sense). In particular, I've had pork shoulders that are perfectly passable but not quite porky enough. I generally avoid frou frou butcher shops, but am looking for a reliable and helpful place. Again, ShopRite is usually exactly what I want, but not quite this time, I'm afraid.

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        Have you asked the butcher at Food Mart in Old Greenwich? They might be able to special order stuff for you. Also there is Whole Foods in Greenwich. I also went to a farmers market at Muscoot Farms. I did get some wild boar ribs, and farm raised ground venison, but I have had very little luck with finding some locally raised meat.