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Nov 6, 2008 11:31 AM

A Simple Stock-Simmering Question . . .

Should the stockpot be covered or uncovered during the long simmer?

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  1. I usually keep mine covered - to prevent a lot of humidity in the kitchen and to prevent rapid evaporation.

      1. I say uncovered. You'll lose volume but that's partly what you want - what I'll call "partial" concentration. If it gets too low, just add back some water.

        1. It you want to concentrate the flavor and reduce it? Then uncover it. Do you want about the same amount of liquid at the end as you had to begin with? Then cover it.
          I keep mine covered after I have skimmed the scum off the top.

          1. Uncovered. I've done it both ways, prefer uncovered for more flavor. Covered keeps the evaporation dripping right back into the pot, which dilutes the flavor IMO.