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Nov 6, 2008 10:49 AM

Chinese Restaurant in Rockridge?

Has anyone been to the Chinese restaurant in Rockridge across from Market Hall? I can't remember the name -- it used to be Becky's or something. Is it any good?

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  1. I moved from Rockridge 3 years ago, but at the time that Chinese restaurant was an OK neighborhood place to eat. I haven't been back there since I moved. It was remodeled shortly before I moved, but I believe was under the same ownership and I recall 3 different names. They used to have a very reasonable rice plate dinner special. I remember liking the shrimp with black bean sauce.

    A better, but slightly more distant, option would be The Great Wall "vegetarian" on College just north of Alcatraz. I really like their fish dishes and they have many faux meat dishes.

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        Great Wall is .4 miles north, Shen Hua is .9 miles north of Rockridge BART.

    1. What's your reference for good? Neighborhood good? Regional..Cantonese, Hunan, etc.?

      Shen Hua is in the Hunan/northern/non-Canto vein of Chinese cooking. My take is that it fits the 'hood, nice place, okay food...if you know what to order.

      I've only been once and so I don't know what to order. If I lived in the hood I might be motivated to vet the place..I wouldn't make a trip there however. I'd just go and try it. My limited knowledge it shouldn't be bad...just not great, probably 4-6 very good menu items.

      1. Haven't been for many years myself, but would occasionally stop by for a plate of random chinese. Not a destination, but not inedible - a long time ago.

        Regrettably it was the only chinese right by the station - I always wished for more choices, but there you go.

        1. I think it is still Beckys. We like it as easy Chinese-American food. My husband still orders the tomato-beef, which was on the old menu. The new servers try to give him chow fun, but he steers them back. The quality is above nuclear- red sweet and sour pork places, but not up to some of the more venerated places like China Village. Totally acceptable weeknight dinner.

          1. Drove by today and the sign outside says Becky's Chinese Cuisine. Here's the menu