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Nov 6, 2008 10:34 AM

lamb for sale in Saskatoon area?

I LOVE lamb and usually buy boneless roasts or ribs at Costco but the last few times I've gone there wasn't any available and I am going through withdrawal, does anyone know any local lamb producers or somewhere else I could find lamb? I have seen it at the Bulk Cheese Warehouse but haven't splurged yet as it seems very expensive. Thanks!

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  1. I know that my mom often gets it fresh at the Cumberland Safeway. We used to raise lamb and will only buy Canadian-raised lamb, which often is not what Costco has. There really is no good reason to eat lamb frozen months ago and transported half way around the world.

    The farmers' market also usually has a few vendors. There is a butcher off Taylor too that slips my mind today.

    1. If you are up for the drive, head out to Pine View Farms. Their website has directions. Once in a while I like to go out there and stock up.

      You can also get their products at Co-Op stores. I'm not positive what cuts they carry, but you can get it there.

      1. Thanks, I will definitely check these out.

        1. I am a lamb producer and sell fresh lamb directly from my farm. We slaughter and cut and wrap on our farm. We have been in this business for 20 years and sell only what we produce ourselves. We have a closed flock so our disease problems are minimal. Our farm is near Clavet and we can arrange delivery to Saskatoon. Winter is our slaughter season. WE strive to produce a quality product and our price is cheaper than the specialty stores.
          Call us at 306-931-2449.