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Nov 6, 2008 10:19 AM

Help! I'll Be in the Waikiki Area with a Vegetarian!

I'm taking a second trip to Hawaii with a vegetarian who is not a very adventurous eater. I LOVE food and would want to try all kinds of things, but the last time we went, finding my friend something to eat was a challenge. I thought we would be safe with Asian food, but she couldn't even get many noodle dishes that weren't made with fish or pork. We even tried an Italian place that used chicken broth for the base of all their sauces. :-(
We have the second challenge of staying in the Waikiki area and I don't want to spend $40 for dinner at some tourist trap just so my friend can order french fries.
We will have a car for a day or two (of a five-day trip), so I will take any suggestions where I can get something tasty but my friend won't starve to death.

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  1. Howabout Indian? Cafe Maharani is delish, and BYOB. India Cafe is a good stop for lunch. Both will fit your budget and are within taxi range of Waikiki.

    Cafe Maharani: 2509 S. King St.
    India Cafe: 1016 Kapahulu Ave.

    1. both Keo's and Keoni's (thai restaurants) have vegetarian dishes in Waikiki. Does your friend eat eggs? dairy? fish?

      1. Aloha,
        Just letting you know that there's a great resource:
        It's the Vegetarian Society of HI website with a pretty comprehensive list of veg friendly restaurants and markets. Good luck!

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          Thank you, everyone!
          My friend eats eggs and dairy, so basically finding places that don't use meat-based stocks is the challenge. I will definitely show her the link, Aleka.

          Any new must-try spots for me (the 'hound) if I can venture out on my own?