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Patina or Cafe Pinot

Which would you choose for a Friday night dinner w/ Dad? He's mid-60's and doesn't drink, but we both love great food.

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  1. I think the food at Patina is better, although I haven't been in a while. The food at Cafe Pinot is good and sometimes very good, but it's nothing amazing. The setting is beautiful, though. Have you considered Water Grill?

    1. Pass the Mafia. Go Water Grill or Cicada.

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        agree, i do not like the patina group restaurants. i find pinot overly salty and mediocre. it has lower prices and more casual atmosphere than patina. patina has what i would call "good" food - but it is overpriced for what it is, and the service leaves much to be desired, which makes it not as good. i absolutely love cicada and the space is amazing. i haven't been in years (i thought it had closed) - but it was really great every time i've been. water grill is top notch too. as another place nearby, i also like ciudad for a little different flavor.

      2. or Lucques. Her braised short ribs are to die for!

        1. I agree w/the others: Water Grill is better than Patina.

          Try searching this board with "Water Grill Patina" and you'll have a handful of threads addressing why (quality, service, etc).

          1. I will not eat at any Patina Group restaurant on my own dime. Service and food are average, but prices are certainly not

            1. patina. i'll be a contrarian and say it's better than water grill. caveat is i've only been to each for lunch (though about 15 times between them).

              1. If your ONLY choices are between Patina and Cafe Pinot, then go with the former with your dad.

                As others have said, there other (better?) choices in the downtown vicinity, but to stay on topic of Patina v. Cafe Pinot, my suggestion would be Patina.

                1. I'm a fan of Patina. I've always had lovely food and service there, and although I'm also a fan of the Water Grill, I think Patina is a very nice restaurant for the overall experience.

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                    Love the Watergrill suggestion. As for Patina... very overrated and as for Cafe Pinot...it wasn't that long ago that people were getting Hepatitis... just not a draw

                    btw. Watergrill does rock and good value

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                      yeah - from what i remember folks contracted hepatitis both at cafe pinot and at a patina-catered celebrity event. ugh. but i do think it was a while ago.