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Nov 6, 2008 09:12 AM

Clover Food Lab (@ MIT)

Just ran across a new food truck at MIT called Clover. It's a revelation. Organic, fresh stuff - veggie for the most part - with free local apples and fries I would put up favorably against River Gods and Sel de la Terre. They serve sandwiches and soups as well as the fries, with juices and teas to drink. It's new and if you work anywhere near MIT definitely check it out. I am a convert. Was simply walking down the street, saw someone with a small fries and nearly collared them to get the 411 and my own order. On the web at

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  1. is it the new truck outside of MIT Medical? I think I saw it on Monday, next to the Jose's truck.

    1. Nice hounding. I especially like the image of you cornering an innocent guy with fries.

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        @yumyum: could you email me? I have an idea I'd like to run by you.

        1. re: yumyum

          Yes, this is the new truck outside Medical, just on the river side of the red line entrance inbound. Their blog says they're opening a set of fast food restaurants and this was a pre-launch experiment. Blog also claims the chef cooked with Thomas Keller previously...

          As for collaring the guy with fries, that's pretty much what happened. I saw him approaching, smelled the rosemary, and mildly freaked him out.

          1. re: wilbanks

            Sounds like you mean - for those who don't know MIT well - right outside Kendall Square Redline stop//Inbound. Their blog has no address!!! Silly (but busy) boys running this show!

        2. Hi all. This is Ayr. It's my truck. Rolando and I are the two running around inside making the food.

          The blog referenced above gets into the details, but basically we're in the learning stage with this thing right now. So by all means, come on by and say hi, but understand that you might be testing a new type of bread, or a new sandwich. We'll get details (such as place, hours, etc.) up in due time. Right now it's all we can do to handle the local traffic.

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              Looking forward to trying it out. Info on hours would be nice - one time I looked for you, you weren't around. (I understand it's all still an experiment, but it's disappointing when you don't get the lunch you're expecting!)

              1. re: ayr

                Hi - not sure both of you were there today, but I happened to be in the area (which is an unusual treat for me) and stopped by just before noon for lunch.

                You said to let you know what I thought, so here it is: the much-touted fries with herbs (especially rosemary) live up to their strong reputation (at least as good as the other spots mentioned on this thread)

                The BBQ wheat protein (seitan?) sandwich was really delicious - it all seemed very light, highly flavorful, and healthy in spite of the fries. Your lettuce and tomato is among the best around!

                Good luck and I hope to get there again before long! We need something like what you are doing in downtown Boston as well!

              2. What time do they sell out? I'd like to stop by at 1 pm, but won't bother if there's no food left!

                Thanks -

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                  I think depends on what they're serving but by 2pm to 3pm, it's a definite possibility. Via their blog, they've introduced a "order by email" system, and then you stop by to pick it up. You can give this option a try if you want to make sure you get their food.

                  1. re: sallyt

                    Mmmm.... I stopped in today. At 1 p.m. they were still going strong, nothing sold out. The rosemary fries are delicious and the chickpea fritter sandwich has a great mix of cukes, tomatoes, hummus, pickles and cabbage tucked in with the crispy hot falafel-like fritters. I think I tasted some coriander seed in there too. Really yummy.

                    Doesn't hurt that the guys running the place are very friendly and oh so easy on the eyes.;-)

                    1. re: yumyum

                      Could you drive down Mass Ave and come see us at 1030 Mass Ave? I'm so sick of our lunch options!

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                        Thanks for all of the tips - I stopped by at 1 pm and got the same order as yumyum - the sandwich was esp. delicious.

                      2. re: sallyt

                        They close at 2 and as far as I know they have been doing well with not running out of things lately. They have hired a few new people too which makes lunch a bit more smooth with less waiting.