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Nov 6, 2008 09:07 AM

Canning for Gifts?

Hello all,

I am considering giving out some homemade canned goods as Christmas gifts. Tyler Florence's homemade bread and butter pickles caught my eye, but I would love any other ideas or suggestions.

Many thanks!

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  1. I'd recommend apple butter, which is really easy and can be made in big batches, plus everyone loves it.

    Last year, we also did homemade cocoa mix with little bags of homemade marshmallows - not canning, but it worked really well. I like anything that can be made in bulk and requires little hands-on time, since we're always so busy at this time of year.

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      I was also going to suggest apple butter; I make a crockpot version with lots of ginger that I learned from this board.

      I've posted my blueberry vanilla bean syrup recipe here before; people really seem to like it and it's a nice change from jars of jam.

      Spicy dilly beans are great. Pair them with a bottle of wasabi vodka and you have starters for a killer bloody mary :)

    2. I've been thinking about homemade cranberry sauce, and maybe marmalade if I get motivated enough for all the peeling and chopping.

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        I was just thinking cranberry sauce - no peeling and chopping either!

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          No chopping, no pectin needed, ridiculously easy to make... Plus it will look really pretty with a simple red/gold bow.

      2. last year I got a basket with homemade canned salsa, hot pepper relish and grape jelly. Delicious!

        Pumpkin butter is easy
        Cooking Light's latest issue had a few recipes for spice mixes like Herbs de Provence

        1. I frooze my blueberries this summer so will be making some preserve this weekend. Also canned jars of sliced peaches this summer. Lastly gonna make some applesauce and those 3 will be the gifts.

          I laso made concord grape jam but it came out soo good that I can't bear to give it away...

          1. A nice 'cheat' is a 7 (or 5 or 8 or 11) bean soup where you layer contrasting dried beans and maybe peas in a jar. Put together a soup base packet and tie to lid and voila, 7 bean soup in a jar (helps to include instructions for your non-cooking friends).
            I see Girlwonder mentioned wasabi vodka. My favorite is homemade spiced rum; put some raisins, halved dried figs and apricots in a jar, top with an inexpensive rum, close up. After a week or two, you've got a very nice spiced rum. Make up a label "Newfoodie's Holiday Spiced Rum" with palm trees and an 1848 brigand, glue to jar and you're all set.
            Here's one I made for a buddy, Adam (sorry, kinda blurry...musta had too much rum +( ;/)

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