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Nov 6, 2008 08:20 AM

Where to go for fun drinks/wine in DC

whats a fun place to go for drinks - maybe dinner- in DC that isn't the same old places (my boyfriend likes to do Old Ebbit and I know all the high power DC lobbying places as I work downtown/am lobbyist. I want good wine, good atmosphere, good crowd but not packed. I am in my 30s. We like to sit at bars or even nice loungy places. Maybe someplace new?

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  1. How about a place on H St NE, like Granville Moore's?

    1. I would try Vinoteca on U Street for something different. Has a great selection of wine (it's a wine bar) and good atmosphere. Though I've only tried a few of the food items there all have been delicious.

      1. Washington Plaza Hotel on a sunny day (glam Vegas pool and Happy Hour starts at 2:30)

        PS 7

        1. Proof is a good option, it can get very busy for dinner, but the bar area is pretty well spaced. Poste also has a nice lounge area and big bar. Zengo is also a great place for that kind of thing huge roomy bar area downstairs, great drinks, but they have wine too, and not your usual food, but very good.

          1. 701 is one of my favorites. There are two bars (that makes it sound huge, but it's not), and offers a decent amount of comfortable seating. I've never seen it packed, but never empty. It's a lovely, relaxing place to grab a drink, and there's usually a decent pianist.

            Zola, too usually has a good scene without being too crazy, and they have seating in addition to the bar. I also love their bar menu, which is convenient when you need a nibble. I also admire their wines by the glass, which have a few interesting pours at decently reasonably prices.

            And for cocktails, PS7 gets my vote, with some really beautifully made cocktails and another lovely bar menu.

            These are some of my favorites, and you seem like my sort of drinker - you don't want it dead, but you don't want to do battle with anyone, either.

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              The bartenders at 701 are really nice, their cocktails are ok, not great, at least not their signature ones that I have had, the wine list is good though, and I bet they would do classics right, but you have both a comfortable lounge area and the two bars that are comfy and normally live music. And they have some great bar food too, I think their bar food blows anything on the bar menu at PS7's away.

              But PS7 does have better made cocktails, I don't find them horribly creative, but well made.