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Nov 6, 2008 08:12 AM

Burgers - Carl's JR in Austin


Long time, no post.....I know. That pesky thing called work (3 jobs currently) has prevented me from posting much in here as of late. But I simply had to make a quick post about my favorite fast food place finally coming to Austin. I know, I know...there are a great many better Burgers in and around Austin. Namely Casino, the Driskill, Poodie's, Houston's and even (shudder) Bone Daddy's. But Carl's JR has a special place in my heart as being a childhoold favorite of mine when I lived in SoCal. I feel especially joyous in that they are building it not even 5 minutes from my house! Anyhoo.....

It's on Slaughter Ln, right between Manchaca and Congress in a small new Business Park.


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  1. Also saw a Carl's Jr sign at 1898 Ranch, on 1431 in Cedar Park.

    1. Are these open yet? I miss their curly fries. I looked it up on their store locator, but the closest one to Austin that they have listed is in San Antonio.

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      1. re: chowin

        If Carl's Jr is coming to Austin, is it possible that In-N-Out Burger isn't far behind. One can only hope.

      2. Isn't it Carls JR that had the infamous Paris Hilton car washin', burger eatin' commercial?

        I am rather fascinated by the sudden proliferation of burger joints. Is it a sign of the economic times, or just a fad?

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        1. re: Ashforth

          I doubt if Carl's Jr could be described as jumping onto any sort of trend.It's been around since 1941 and has several hundred locations.All the recent small chain burger joint talk did send me up to Top Notch on Burnet a few days ago.An 80 year old lady took my order and the same cook since LBJ threw the patty on the grill.A bag of Kingsford Charcoal sat right behind the cash register.The food was great.The patty is the thin style but had plenty flavor and edges crisped up from catching on fire from the briquettes.The fries were skinny,blazing hot and nicely salted.Set me back about 5 bucks.

          1. re: scrumptiouschef


            You got back to Top Notch just in the nick of time there Chef. Considering the unfortunate passing of the restaurant's owner last week, it's doubtful that they will be open anytime soon.

        2. Rumor has it that the small fast food size structure going up in the new shopping center at Hwy 71 and Country Road 304 just west of Bastrop is a Carl's Jr.
          Lowe's is only store about to open and then Carl's Jr.s will be next. Structure of building and silver insulation material is all that is up as of today. No signage, just rumor.

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          1. re: redhatcharm

            Not sure if I saw the same place or not, but on my way back from Houston going on 71 through Bastrop, I did see a Carl's Jr building up. I don't think it was open yet. Also saw another one down south 35 on the way to San Marcos.

            1. re: chowin

              The Carl's in San Marcos is reportedly open. The one on Slaughter should open soon. They're still waiting for me to manufacture something for their restaurant, and it won't pass inspection without these things. Should open right after Christmas, I'm guessing.

          2. It opened yesterday from what I'm told at 608 (?) W. Slaughter. I'll check it out tomorrow. The fries I had at Five Guys on Friday were fantastic, the burger OK. Carl's is supposed to have hand-cut fries as well so I'll see.