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Nov 6, 2008 07:58 AM

MSP: Fresh, Local Thanksgiving Turkey?

I told my family that I'm going to take care of finding the turkey this year. They normally get whatever's on sale at Cub or Rainbow, but this year I want to find something more local and natural.

Where should I go? How much can I expect to pay for a 17-18 pound bird? I want to reserve one soon to ensure I get one that's fresh and not frozen, so I'd like to get this done this weekend. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. Here is what the Wedge Coop said in their most recent newsletter regarding Thanksgiving turkeys. I am not sure exactly how much they cost. I would image the other coops are doing something similar and would be a convenient option for getting a more local/fresh turkey.

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      both of those options are excellent quality. Ike could order from the wedge (call for prices), or the co-op most convenient to him. i also know folks who swear by the meat vendors at st paul farmer's markt, in particular otis farm and farm on wheels. when i was there on sunday i saw that they are currently taking orders.

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        As an update, I picked up one of the Kadejan Farms fresh, free range turkeys from the Wedge this morning for an early Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It was $2.29 per lb.

      2. I reserved a turkey from Callister Farms. I went to their stand at the St Paul Downtown Farmers Market. I'll get to pick it up on the Wednesday before TDay. Not sure what the final cost will be (probably should have asked). They should be at the market this weekend.

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          I also reserved one from Callister. IIRC it's about $3/lb, $10 up front.

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            Callister farms turkeys are also available from golden fig, but ill note their up-front price is a bit higher at 25 bucks. also available for pick up the wednesday before (and way more convenient than the FM for me).

        2. I ended up running down to the STP farmers market yesterday and got there as everyone was packing up to leave. Callister was all out of turkeys, but Bar-5 ranch had some. An 18-pounder is reserved in my name. I'm excited to show my family how much better this is going to be than the usual grocery store kind. Can't wait!

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            Silver Palatte has a great recipe for Fresh Turkeys. They are not injected with brine or butter solution, therefore they tend to get a bit dry. You don't want to overcook them.

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              Here is a secondary cooking the turkey question. The last couple of years I've purchased a locally produced bird and roasted per instructions. The bird has tended to come out pink near the bones. Is this undercooked? I've experienced this with locally grown chickens, too. I thought I'd been cooking long enough because I was concerned about over cooking. Thoughts?

          2. As of this morning Callister Farms turkeys were still available at Golden Fig - resrved mine at 10 am!

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              any clue what we will be paying per lb for them? i just noticed a post on the sf board that bi-rite is selling bill niman grown heritage birds for 6.99 a lb. yeah, you read that right, no typo. i know it isnt going to be nearly that much which is why i didnt even think to ask, but id be curioius to know if there was a price difference between the direct buyers at the FM and us golden fig buyers (id still probably pay the difference for the convenience).

            2. I see that Nelson's Meats in Hopkins has fresh Free Range All Natural Turkeys for preorder- 10lbs. to 26 lbs. advertised but they do not have a price per pound listed.