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Any other good restaurants in Port Chester?

We've been hanging out in Port Chester for the past several months and have tried most of the good ethnic places recommended here in Chowhound. So far, we've been to the following places and trying Tarry Lodge this Saturday:

-Inca Y Gaucho
-El Plebeyo

Are there any other restaurants we should try? I know there are a few other places mentioned here, but the reasonably priced ones all seem to have harsh white lights. I would appreciate any other recommendations for comfort food-type, ~$10-15 per entree, unique ethnic places with cozy atmospheres. Thanks.

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  1. Fish is really good, but it doesnt meet your criteria of price and ethniticity.

    Can you tell me about yourexperiences at the ones you listed? Any you can recommend and any you'd suggest avoiding?

    1. Try Cafe Mirage. Not ethnic like the ones listed, but you can get a nice meal at a decent price.

      1. try tarry lodge..you can eat affordably there

        1. We visited Chavin last weekend and had a tasty and enjoyable dinner. Pisco sours, papa rellenos, papa huanaicas and mixed ceviche were high points. Very friendly and helpful waiter and prices are reasonable. And great selection of paletas across the street after dinner.

            1. well - you could get something for a bit more at Nessa but it is totally worth it. YUMMMM.... I would be interested in hearing you Tarry Lodge is as we have been 3 times and were totally unimpressed each time.

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                We just had lunch at Tarry Lodge on Sunday and thought it was great. My wife and I split a pizza and a pasta. We'd been for dinner a few months ago and already thoroughly enjoyed it.

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                  We were not impressed either. We are Italian and when we go out to eat, I do not want a fancy pizza or pasta. All my Greenwich non-italian friends love it. I also think its because its she-she. I highly recommend Pasquale's for great food. Go to the TarryLodge for drinks.

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                    go to vinnys for lunch on fridays and try not to be so obvious , you would never get elected to judge of supreme court lololololo

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                      Intrepid, why Vinny's - what's it like, what kind of food and why on Fridays in particular?

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                        vinnys very old school diner, but italian style, friday they have pasta specials with all kinds of seafood for lunch, good chow, great value, go today if you can

                2. Coyote Flaco, its a dive but great authentic mexican
                  Sonora is great too, may be a few bucks above your price point but worth it.
                  Go over the river from Tarry Lodge into Byram to Famous Pizza and Greek for terrific pan pizza and souvlakia!(left at the light after crossing the water)
                  Burger Shakes and Fries is just a few more blocks away too.

                  1. Looks like you've got the Peruvian places covered well, but there are a lot of other ethnicities too worth exploring.

                    For Ecuadoran food, I like Rinconcito Ecuatoriano on Main. Also on Main is Asi es Colombia. Get the Bandeja Paisa there. Another Colombian place you might like is Aqui es Santa Fe. Very attractive luncheonette feel to it serving authentic Colombian dishes - arepas and beyond.

                    I love Rinconcito Migueleno for really, really good Salvadoran Pupusas. It's on Westchester Avenue almost under the train tracks.

                    For Mexican, I always like Tortilleria Los Gemelos. They are the most consistent of the Mexican places in Port Chester by far. I'm personally not a fan of Coyote Flaco, but that's just me. The only problem with Los Gemelos is that their booths are perhaps the most uncomfortable seats in history. You are better off sitting where the folding chairs are, or along the long single bench that runs along the side nearest where you walk in. But even with the uncomfortable booths, the food is very good.

                    For an after lunch or dinner treat go to Paleteria Fernandez for homemade Mexican ice cream (paletas = ice pops). The watermelon paleta or cantelope "melon" paleta are perhaps the most thirst-satisfying heat busters one could ever hope for.

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                      I am relieved that I am not the only CH er that was underwhelmed with Coyote Flaco!

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                        I'm not a fan either. It's not terrible, just not noteworthy and we tried it several times.

                    2. I recommend the chicken xtudo sandwich at the Brazilian International Bakery and Cafe on Eddy Street. This monster sandwich will feed two. There is a nice quiet dining room upstairs.

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                        Can you describe what is on the xtudo sandwich, scharffenberger? Thanx : )

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                          Sorry about the delay. A chicken xtudo - A piece of grilled marinated chicken, a piece of ham, a slice of melted queso blanco, some corn, a partially scrambled egg,tomato,lettuce,bacon on a big homemade bun. A beef xtudo is the same except its made with a piece of marinated beef.
                          Just thinking about it makes me want to post a photo!

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                            Today they did not have chicken, but they had the other white meat pork. I left my camera at home, so I took it home and got a few photos of it.

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                          Great info on the X-Tudo. I don't think I've ever had a chicken one. I can't wait to try it out.

                          Debmom, x-tudos, at least as I think of them, are like the brazilian cheeseburger. Sometimes you'll find ham on them. Sometimes hot dogs (seriously). some times lettuce and tomato, sometimes egg, sometimes everything above.

                          I'm really anxious to try the one from this place. Great find scharffenberger...

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                            Alba's - our favorite Italian in the area.

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                              Adamclyde, check out this pic of an x-tudo.
                              Who wouldn't want one especially when it looks that amazingly good ...

                              X-tudo --> http://amorimjuliana.files.wordpress....

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                              I didn't even realize they had an upstairs. Good to know.

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                                hey there scharffenberger. I finally got to the Brazilian Int'l Bakery and BBQ (or whatever it's called now) today and had the x-tudo. It was great! I had the beef and friend had the chicken. I preferred the beef (very thin pan seared steak). The thing is massive and, as you say, would definitely feed two.

                                I also noticed their churrascaria options were much better than they used to. I always liked it for it's price (inexpensive pay-by-the-pound meat). But usually it's not as fresh as I'd like. Today I went for lunch and the meats looked and smelled quite good. I got the xtudo, so didn't really try anything, but the churrascaria looked great today. Plus, they cook over a live charcoal fire - also something I'd missed in the past.

                                Anyhow, good experience and thanks for the X-Tudo tip.

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                              2. Can anybody report on Tesoros del Mariscos on Main St? We had a very nice lunch at Aqui es Santa Fe today. Broiled tilapia with a light herb sauce on sauteed peppers and carrots.

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                                  In retrospect, I think it's called Palacio del Mariscos.

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                                    all I know is it's been there for quite a while. It's one of the few places on that strip I haven't tried... sorry for being completely unhelpful...

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                                      We visited Palacio del Mariscos for lunch. It's Peruvian and had a nice lunch crowd. The mixed ceviche was very good. ($14) Shrimp,mussles, squid, octopus and fish ceviche with a piece of sweet potato and corn. Also had the lunch of the day (@$7) which was a good beef barley soup and goat stew with rice and beans. Another authentic spot in PC.

                                2. old world steakhouse The Willett House, fantastic

                                  1. T&J's on Westchester Avenue, the one where you enter thru the pizza place. excellent italian and very reasonable prices. they serve a wonderful veal parmigiana and pounded veal cutlet with arrugula and fresh mozzarella.