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Nov 6, 2008 07:23 AM

Any other good restaurants in Port Chester?

We've been hanging out in Port Chester for the past several months and have tried most of the good ethnic places recommended here in Chowhound. So far, we've been to the following places and trying Tarry Lodge this Saturday:

-Inca Y Gaucho
-El Plebeyo

Are there any other restaurants we should try? I know there are a few other places mentioned here, but the reasonably priced ones all seem to have harsh white lights. I would appreciate any other recommendations for comfort food-type, ~$10-15 per entree, unique ethnic places with cozy atmospheres. Thanks.

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  1. Fish is really good, but it doesnt meet your criteria of price and ethniticity.

    Can you tell me about yourexperiences at the ones you listed? Any you can recommend and any you'd suggest avoiding?

    1. Try Cafe Mirage. Not ethnic like the ones listed, but you can get a nice meal at a decent price.

      1. try tarry can eat affordably there

        1. We visited Chavin last weekend and had a tasty and enjoyable dinner. Pisco sours, papa rellenos, papa huanaicas and mixed ceviche were high points. Very friendly and helpful waiter and prices are reasonable. And great selection of paletas across the street after dinner.