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Nov 6, 2008 07:20 AM

Brass City Bistro - Waterbury, CT

I went to Brass City Bistro last night with some friends. It's a relatively new restaurant in Waterbury and the decor is warm and welcoming. The service was attentive but not overpowering. I ordered Veal Godfather (breaded veal with a red wine sauce, tomatoes & mozzarella). It was delicious. It was a very large portion. It came with a very nice salad (or soup) and a baked potato (or mashed or pasta). The prices on the regular menu are very reasonable, but the "specials" are quite pricey (appetizers $14-$26, entrees $28-$49). The waitress told us this before she recited a huge list of at least 7 appetizer & entree specials. I wish they could have it printed, so you could see it and have time to ponder which one you'd like to order. At the end of the list of specials, I had forgotten what the first one was! My friends ordered fried shrimp, which came with fries, waffle like chips and cole slaw. It was a huge dish of food and my friend and veal lobster oscar (which was actually on the menu as chicken lobster oscar for $24), the waitress said the veal would be a few dollars more. They both said they enjoyed their entrees. The owner came over several times to check on our table and was very nice. They have a large, wooden bar in the back of the restaurant with some high-top tables and a private dining room that seats 18 comfortably (we were told). It's a very nice place, the food was delicious and I'm sure I will go back.

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  1. Thanks, Joan. I just realized that travelling to Waterbury takes no more time than us going into "The Green" area of New Haven!
    This place sounds interesting and I'd also like to try Cubata, the Brazillian restaurant nearby.

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      I'm not familar with Cubata, but I see it is quite close to Brass City Bistro. I'll have to check it out.

    2. I've been wanting to check this place out since I first read about it here. Last night, I went with two of my girlfriends. The three of us had not been together in person in more than 10 years, so our focus was definitely more on catching up than on the food, but I agree with joan mar on several points:
      - decor is definitely warm and welcoming
      - service attentive, but not overpowering--and, as we were there eating and catching up over several hours, our waiter was VERY accomodating and didn't rush us whatsoever
      - portions are definitely generous
      - specials can be definitely priced way outta whack ($30-something for lobster ravioli???)--and they are now printed. Makes me wonder if they read this site, or just figured out that printing was a better option than reading. ;)

      I ordered veal godfather...I think it was an egg-battered cutlet (I just ate the leftovers for breakfast) as joan described above, but it also included a thick slice of eggplant (not breaded) and a thick slice of prosciutto (you know, pra-ZHUT!--just the way those of us of Italian descent pronounce it in this neck of the woods). The eggplant had sort of a strange chewiness to it (I think because it was so thick and not fried like a cutlet). I would have enjoyed it more if it had been thinner and fried/baked cutlet-style. It came with a choice of soup or salad (I chose the lobster bisque) and a delicious mound of mashed I love the taste of sour cream in mashed potatoes. Nice job! The bisque was buttery and creamy as it should be, but I probably should stick to crab bisque (J Gilbert's) as I find it more flavorful. My girlfriends had chicken lobster oscar and fried shrimp, which they enjoyed. The chicken lobster oscar eater is (as am I) a BIG fan of La Tavola. I looked at her toward the end of the meal and said, "Not to knock this place, but it's got nothing on La Tavola--am I right?" She wholeheartedly agreed. And the prices are similar, so I'd say, given a choice, I'm not sure why anyone would choose BCB over La Tavola. We each had a cappucino (served with very cute little rock sugar swizzle sticks--cool idea) then shared a slice of fried cheesecake for dessert ($10.50). I ate it and enjoyed the fruit sauce that topped it, but it was really nothing special...certainly not worth that particular price of admission...and in that it had to have been fried in whatever else gets fried in the restaurant, it had a bit of that funny fried taste to it. Still, we made a sizeable dent in that dish. We all had leftovers to take home and had a lovely evening. Brass City Bistro is good, please don't misunderstand--I just think La Tavola is far better.