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Nov 6, 2008 07:19 AM


I got married on Saturday and my reception was at Kozlaks. I'm going to rave here-so be prepared. First, the Kozlak-Satt family is extraordinarily accommodating. We received the best service from the moment we decided to choose the place. I chose the restaurant because I wanted great service, good food and affordability. Since my fiance and I at the time, were going to be paying for the wedding ourselves, and since we refused to use any credit cards or take out any loans, we wanted a reasonable place that wouldn't sacrifice quality. I received.

We had almost 200 guests. We had people chose between supreme chicken, beef medallions with bernaise sauce or walleye amandine. I was not charged anything additional other than the price of the meal - (most wedding venues will charge extra money for the lowest price entree) - and inclusive of the meal price is their famed carrot cake with amaretto cream cheese frosting and caramel sauce. It is not buffet - it is plated service. Each was served with a caesar salad full of croutons, black pepper and parmesan cheese.

I received more than 25 compliments from individuals who came to the reception (other than close friends and families) about the food. The food arrived plenty hot, with a baked potato and very crisp haricot verts - but the compliment I received most often was about the beef - the fact that it was piping hot and that it was prepared med-to-medium rare. I do not eat beef but my beef-eaters told me that a bit bloody is the true way it should be prepared.

Yes, I realize that I didn't have a reception at Vincents, 112 or Restaurant Alma -our top notch restaurants - but truth be told? For 200 people, 3 full entrees, platters of cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, mini-reubens, a keg of beer, 18 bottles each of red and white wine, bottles of wine on each table for our families, and at our own table, plus the carrot cake - and included for the food/beverage minimum - of pop, coffee, tea, water, the mirrors, the decorations and for having the set up there - my final bill was $7711.60 including surcharge and gratuity, tax and liquor tax. Personally, in this day and age, I think that is relatively inexpensive, heck, even "cheap"....and none of it looked that way. More importantly, as foodies - it was service and outstanding food. You're right-prepping a baked potato, etc. is not a difficult thing-but the true taste of the food - is what came through and I am pleased to say that Kozlaks had my guests talking - and complimenting and I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Beyond that, they're personable and give you all the extra attention you deserve without adding on to the price tag.

Of course I had my reception there, so the likelihood that I would give it a bad review is slim to none - but for the money, you can't get a bigger bang for the buck without comprising quality.


the New Mrs. Miller

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  1. Dear Mrs. Miller--Congratulations to you and Mr. SnoBoardBabe! I'm glad you are continuing your chowhoundly ways into married life. I keep meaning to get to Kozlaks--thanks for the reminder!


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      TDQ-did you ever get over to Kozlaks? Now, I've read tons of your posts--and you and I see eye to eye on a lot - just remember, it's not 112 or Talk Town - it's more laxed supper club-ish...think Jax - without the price tag. Standard american fare. I'll be curious to know your honest opinion. It's not where I go weekly----or even monthly, but once in awhile, just a nice meal that warms the belly works.

      1. re: snoboardbabe77

        No, it's still on my list. Thank you for the reminder. I've been hibernating lately, but I do need to get out more. When will this weather get back to super-zero?


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          TDQ - I know what you mean. I seriously considered heading over to see Il Vesco Vino's new space on's Mirror of Korea tonight. Closer. :)

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            I am impressed with that price which comes out to $38 per person. That is a steal and I am sure it was a Saturday night to boot. Congrats!

            1. re: wineglas

              Wineglas- $38 per person IS a steal and yes, it WAS on a Saturday evening. The $38 included the appetizers, the meal, the wine/beer, their cake-and essentially, all the set up fees/table decor, lighting/tulle, etc. CHEAP by today's wedding standards!

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                Thanks for posting this. I plan corporate event dinners and wine tastings and this would be a good venue. Still can't believe the price as so many mid level restaurants try to max what they can get out of anyone walking through the door.

                1. re: wineglas

                  Wineglas -

                  You have many options at Kozlaks - the "whole restaurant" (most of it); they keep a small room on the other side of the bar -- for regulars to come in and eat. They have a downstairs - which is not lit as well, but still appealing and warm. I've heard many TV news people have smaller gatherings downstairs.

                  The restaurant itself does not look beautiful from the outside - it's a bit ragged in my opinion - but the inside is nice and that is what is important. They've been open since 1977, which to me, indicates a quality restaurant that serves its customers and serves quality food. I wouldn't call it a supper club-but the food is traditional american fare.


                  You will receive impeccable service. That is what they're all about. At my wedding, they even did (unless you got up), drink service table side (including cash exchange) at first I thought it was a bit strange-but Lynn Satt said that especially for some older individuals at weddings -prefer it this way. Additionally, all their "servers" are their standard day in/day out servers and therefore, not relying on any possibility of "unknown" banquet server types.

                  Biggest bang for the buck. Room fee was $100 for a Saturday and $100 set up (that went toward minimum); and as I said before, up to three entree selections as their stated price-no add'l charge added to lesser priced meal (at most venues). We highly suggest the beef medallions and the walleye. They also have banquet options for smaller groups. They claim that they can fit 225...I disagree. I would say 200 tops. Gets a little "too cozy" if more than that.

                  Finally, very personalized attention. I was on a strict budget and Lynn went over my #'s that I sent her - multiple times so that I had almost to a "T" what I would owe. I OVERESTIMATED by $70. She's a firecracker when it comes to planning and organizing. That's why they've been in business so long.

                  1. re: wineglas

                    The local wine/liquor store does wine tastings at Kozlaks. I've been to a few, and they do a very nice job.

                    1. re: BigE

                      Big E hope to see you at the CDP tasting a week from tonight. These tastings are the best in town for the money.

                      1. re: wineglas

                        Is there a link to the event? If not, what is the time/price/etc?

                        1. re: BigE

                          Big E it is this coming Tuesday. Call Kozlaks for more info.

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        1. Wineglas-I check out Kozlaks when they are doing special event menus, etc. (have you seen their Friday night date special?) For $60 a couple-you get a choice of appetizers (even escargot), salads and bread, entrees and a shared dessert)..additionally, offering specially priced wines. Anywho, wondering-these wine tastings (I love wine), are these open to the public at a price, or is it only within your corporate circle for business?

          1. re: snoboardbabe77

            Open to the public. Wine Streets is doing a high end Burgundy tasting but I don't have a date at $100 a head which is a steal considering the wines they will be pouring. Great deal on the couple event.

            With the economy everyone is offer great deals.

          2. Of course, I completely forgot about this event. I'll have to keep an eye out for the next one.