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Nov 6, 2008 07:00 AM

I want to fall in love with NOLA again

I'm coming up to NOLA for a job interview, and I want to find someplace to eat that will make me fall in love with NOLA again. I lived there for several years in the late 1990s, and ate everywhere I could!
What can you all recommend at as a place "not to miss?"

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  1. Liuzza's on Bienville. A typical New Orleans joint, waitress who call you dahlin, and beer in a large glass.

    1. Galatoire's, so NOLA.

      1. If you lived here and want to visit...Jacques moes.

        1. Mega, tell us, what restaurants did you love in the late 90's?

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            Thanks for all the suggestions -
            My all time favorite in NOLA was Restaurant August, but I enjoyed Bayona, Herbsaint, and a thousand and one different po-boy places across the city.

            1. re: Mega

              Well, your 3 top favorites are still here, waiting for you!
              Along with a thousand different po-boy places!

              While some things change, some remain the same.
              And that's a good enough reason to fall in love with NOLA all over again!

              1. re: SBrooksB

                Definitely not representative of New Orleans food though.

                1. re: N.O.Food


                  That is a good point. However, they have done a great job for me. While I wasn't looking into "falling in love" with NOLA all over again, they did reenforce my feeling that NOLA (the city here) has some of the best food in the world. "Proper" NOLA cuisine? No. Great food and service? In my estimatimation, yes.

                  Now, I don't have all of the replies open, so I may be off, but I do not see Galatoire's mentioned. For me, it is THE "quintessential" NOLA restaurant. They do NOLA cuisine and do it very well.

                  I am also a big fan of Chef Frank Brigtsen's. Yes, he might be twisting some NOLA recipes, and adding some outside, although regional influences.

                  Just did reviews of two restaurants in San Antonio. Were they representative of San Antonio cuisine? No. Both were French, with not nod to Tex-Mex. However, both placed San Antonio on the culinary radar for me.

                  Sometimes, I wonder if we don't get too focused on "authenticity," or something similar, where ever we dine. I know that I am more guilty, than most. Still, if a restaurant is unique to a city, but does not follow the culinary history of that city, is that a bad thing? I'm asking, because I do not know the answer.

                  Just curious,


                  Stella Restaurant
                  1032 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70116

                  1. re: Bill Hunt


                    I would answer your question in the negative. Excellent food is excellent food. I've eaten delicious Indian food in Thailand and wonderful Thai in London, etc., etc., so I don't have qualms about eating anything anywhere. However, the OP wanted "to fall in love with nola again." As a result, I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that he or she wanted food that was representative of new orleans both in culinary style and atmosphere. If OP wants new orleans cuisine, Stella is not the place, but if OP wants high-end fusion, Stella is an excellent option. Speaking for myself, Stella would not make me fall in love with New Orleans. No doubt Stella adds to the New Orleans experience and makes the culinary landscape more diverse, but walking into Galatoire's with a jacket on and tucking into a grand goutee and crabmeat sardou IS New Orleans dining. That just might do the trick for the OP. Now...if only we could take care of this little crime problem and get rid of the inept politicians. That would make me fall in love with new orleans again.

                    1. re: N.O.Food

                      Thank you for your observation. I see the point that you make. For me, I associate the restaurant with its city,

                      Similar to your experiences, I love the food in London. Now, I've had less stellar UK food in London, than French, Indian or other, that I find myself less a fan of UK food, even though I do love the dining in the UK.

                      It is rather like Las Vegas. I love dining there, but the cuisine is from elsewhere, including New Orleans (though less so now that CP is gone). Still, I love dining there, and little else. On the SW board, someone wanted "authentic" Las Vegas cuisine. What the heck ist that? There is nothing "authentic" in Las Vegas, though they do have some great restaurants and food.

                      I guess that only the OP can answer the question, "do you want "authentic" NOLA cuisine?" Or, "do you want a great dining experience in NOLA?" Two totally different questions, with two totally different answers.

                      Again, thanks for sharing your perspective on this.