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Nov 6, 2008 05:47 AM

Phoenix's Best Beer

I am looking for good places to grab some local or specialty brews. Any suggestions?

Some of the places I already know about are Cornish Pasty in Tempe, Four Peaks around the Valley, and Delux... I have just got into the beer side of drinking and am looking for new places to broaden my beer horizons.

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  1. Easily the best beer selection in the Phoenix area is at Papago Brewing in Scottsdale, located on Scottsdale Rd and McDowell. They do brew a handful (of generally very good to excellent) beers, but the main draw is their excellent collection of micros and imports, both on draft and in bottles. They also allow you to buy any of the bottles to go, which is nice, as they routinely have beers that can only be found at a small handful of liqour stores (Sun Devil and Topps primarily).

    BeerAdvocate has ranked it in the top 10 places in the country to have pint for a number of years now.

    Papago Brewing Co
    7107 E McDowell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

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      Another vote for Papago here. Another great thing about them is that all of their beers are the same rather low price - you're not paying double the amount for a Belgian as you are for a domestic brew. I also love their board game selection and the fact that they have free wifi - I've never felt too weird bringing my laptop in to get some work done. Their spinach and artichoke dip is pretty good if you need something to nosh on.

    2. Magnum's on Union Hills & 7th St has a pretty extensive beer selection, as well as a nice bar/cigar lounge adjacent where you can taste them.

      1. How about the Roosevelt Tavern...Matt Pool know his brews

        1. In addition to the afore mentioned Papago, a few others off the top of my head are Sonoran Brewhouse/Brewer's Den at 3rd St. & Camelback, Oggi's (Bell Rd. & the 101 in Scottsdale and 67th Ave & the 101 in Glendale), and the various Rock Bottom and BJ's locations.

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            Thanks, guys! I will try to check them all out within the next few weeks. I live in Arcadia, so will probably try Papago's first.

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              And when it comes to German lagers, I don't think you can beat Gordon Biersch. Very hard to find these styles of beers as fresh anywhere else.

              1. re: DLow

                If in Arcadia, check out the Black Forest Mill at 49th & Indian School. They have a formal dining room, but there's a casual bar area (think sports bar vibe) with lots of Germanic beers on tap and by bottle. Best bet is a happy hour visit. Otherwise, I echo the Papago suggestion as next nearest.

                Black Forest Mill German Restaurant
                4900 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018