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Nov 6, 2008 04:56 AM

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

Hello Hounds, I need some help in finding a place that serves some really good Taiwanese style spicy beef noodle soup. I know that there might be some places in Rockville, but do any of the DC Chinese restaurants do an okay enough job? I define okay as I go to Mandu in dc when I need a quick Korean fix, but travel to Annandale or Wheaton when I really want to do it up. If there are no places in DC, than is A&J or Joe's Noodle House the place I need to go for spicy beef noodle soup?


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    1. Joe's is much hotter than A&J's, but they're both excellent.

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      1. re: DanielK

        Second for Joe's beef noodle soup. This stuff will keep you well through the flu months. The fresh herbs give life and the chili oil destroys any invasive microbes. Mostly, it's delicious.

        1. re: Chocolatechipkt

          I lik ethe thicknoodles on the full oder only. Yes the hotness at Joe's is higher, but the overall is better at A&J to me because of the noodles.

        2. Haven't been, but I got a flyer for a chinese takeout in Vienna called "Serenity" that claimed that this was their specialty. They claimed to have other Taiwanese dishes too, but they were not in the menu left in my mailbox. Take that for what it's worth.