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Nov 6, 2008 04:53 AM

Sunday brunch along I-91

We're looking for a Sunday brunch somewhere between the Hartford area and the Pioneer Valley that isn't the same old omelette station/carving station/waffles/over-the-top desserts. Anything unique, tasty, Chowhound-worthy you wanna turn us on to? We're staying at the Goodwin, so something downtown would be terrific, but the food is MUCH more important than the location.

(We'll be heading north home to Vermont afterwards , so New Haven is out but Brattleboro is fine too...)


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  1. If you wanted to drive about 8 minutes south of Hartford on 91 to Rocky Hill, you could go to Dakota Steakhouse for their Sunday Brunch. (Easy highway access!) It is spectacular, but nothing outrageously unique as far as food. They have a really good cheese and smoke seafood display ( I like the mussels), carving stations, yummy hot entrees and of course the omelette and waffle stations. It's $20 a person and they have everything under the sun. Check it out:

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      I am sending you a couple of places that are rated as good brunches in this area. not to far from where you are staying in Hartford. The Mill on the River in South Windsor. is one. ( There is another called the Nutmeg on Rt.5 in South Windsor.( Take a look at the menus for the Brunch, Also over the other side of the Mountain (Avon That is) is Avon Old Farms Inn, Which has a very good Sunday brunch. I don't have there web site available at this time but I'm sure you can find it on line. Hope this helps you a little and you have a good time. Good luck Earle Ct.

    2. If you want something expansive and table-filling, i'm not sure what to suggest. but two place in the valley that serve very solid brunches are green street in northampton and hope and olive in greenfield

      both of them have their basic menus on-line, although they both generally have specials as well. i think both are quite chowhound-worthy. good luck!