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Nov 6, 2008 04:36 AM

Visiting Boston - top choice?

We're visiting Boston and looking for your thoughts on the top choices of food, service, ambience, price not important. Want fresh seafood and whatever else shows off the best of Boston. After reading too many reviews I'm confused, so a couple of can't miss, you gotta try it, you won't be disappointed type places would be great! We're getting in tonight, think we're gonna try Neptune, and Tresca this weekend. Many thanks!

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  1. I would highly recommend Kingfish Hall in Faneuil Hall. It's in a great location if you're looking for a hustling spot and the seafood there is incredibly creative and delicious! The restaurant is owned by Todd English who is known for his amazing restaurants and food, you wont be dissapointed!

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      If price was not a big factor, no way would Kingfish Hall be on my can't miss list. In fact, regardless of price you can do so much better. My personal rec would be No 9 Park.

    2. I must put in a plug for Rendezvous in Cambridge. I went back there recently after a year or so and was reminded how much i have always loved it. Every bite was right on, interesting and exciting. They always have a few good seafood dishes on the menu, and after your seafood overload at Neptune you may want some flexibility.

      Other can't-miss suggestions: Hamersley's Bistro, No.9 Park (expensive), Blue Room and Hungry Mother (both Cambridge), Prezza

      Faneiul Hall is extremely touristy (hey, maybe you like that sort of thing) and not generally a foodie destination, though I have not been to English's place there.

      1. If you like lesser-known (and unique) neighborhood restaurants, you might want to check out any of these:

        Dok Bua, Brookline (Thai)
        Cafe Polonia, South Boston (Polish)
        Jasmine Bistro, Brighton (French/Hungarian)
        Moulton's, Medford (seafood)

        And for more popular spots, these options might be worth looking into:

        Pizzeria Regina, North End (pizza)
        Kingfish Hall (as Christina mentions above)
        Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage, Cambridge (burgers)
        Chez Henri, Cambridge (French/Cuban)

        1. I don't think Tresca is particularly well regarded. Taranta is the preferred restaurant in the North End that begins with a "T".

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            Yes, that's probably the best of the "T" restaurants, although I used to like Trattoria Il Panino (and don't forget The Waterfront Cafe).


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              I agree with Bob on Tresca-It is not great, and is very expensive for what you get. Sad though, because I used to like it a lot.

            2. If you can get in...

              --O Ya in the Leather District is pretty fantastic for sushi. Best to call ahead--it's quite possible they're all booked up.
              --Similar to O Ya in caliber is Uni, the tiny sushi bar inside Clio Restaurant at the Eliot Hotel in Back Bay. Try any fresh tofu on the menu, and the Uni spoon is really terrific if you're a raw-egg fan.
              --Clio--very pricey, Fresh-Asian food. Really well executed, and more creatively so than most places.
              --No 9. Park--also if you can get in. In Beacon Hill. Very expensive (prix fixe, I think), but worth the splurge. Owner (Barbara Lynch) just opened a really classy cocktail bar in Fort Point called Drink a few weeks back. Have heard great things--but it's not a place to eat dinner.
              --Hungry Mother: Cambridge/Kendall Square area. Upscale, French-influenced Southern fare. Really well done, very reasonable prices, very nice people. Small menu.