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Nov 6, 2008 04:26 AM

Bruges, Belgium

Can any fellow Chowhound recommend any good eateries in Bruges, Belgium

Will be there with my wife overnight in a couple of weeks time and would appreciate any good places to eat whilst there

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  1. for mussels for reasonable price you cant beat the restaurant of the Passage hostel. Its in the center and its also very pleasant.

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      1. A restaurant called Oud Sluis It's not in Bruges , but in a town called Sluis which is actually in the Netherlands but only 30km from bruges, it's a three star and a very exciting place.

        check out: and click on the Oud Sluis on the right hand side

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          The best meal i ever had in my life was in Bruges . De Karmeliet was just perfect for me , its a 3 star restaurant and deservedly so . Outside of England i dont have a lot else to compare it to so youll have to bare with my ignorance but in london ive been to many 1to 3 star restaurants and nothing comes even close to De karmeliet !

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