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Nov 5, 2008 11:57 PM

Gramercy Tavern for lunch?

Hi all, I will be in NYC during Christmas week and was wondering what the dress code is like in the Gramercy Tavern Dining Room, say on a weekday (albeit Christmas week) lunchime. Is it a jacket and shirt recomended (rather than actually required) from those who have been before? We are going to GR @ the London Sun night, but I wasn't sure if I should get my suit on again for lunch at the GT in order to feel a bit more at ease? Are jeans worn frequently to lunch at GT?

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  1. For lunch (and dinner) I have seen plenty of people wearing jeans (albeit nice jeans). Personally I will never go to GT (dining room) in jeans but it is most certainly done. I've been dressed up (jacket/tie) and not (dress pants/collered shirt) and felt very "in style".

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      Many thanks - I probably wouldn't wear jeans myself, but I was curious as to whether others frequently do. That said, I was at Gordon Ramsay's Royal Hospital Road restaurant in London for dinner last year, and noticed at least one customer wearing jeans!!!!! I think I may have been more shocked than the maitre d, as the guy had no problems getting in...................

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        Gramercy Tavern does not require jackets in the formal dining room even in the evening. Some men wear them; others do not. Though you will probably see "suits" there having business lunches, dressing casually is perfectly acceptable.

    2. I wear jeans to GT all the time. Just dress neatly, causal or not, and you will be fine.

      1. You can wear jeans to GT , no problem. Ive worn jeans there and suits there. These days with the economy so bad, you can probably wear jeans anywhere. The dress codes have loosened up tremendously . The days of Lutece jacket and tie or waiters jackets for jacketless customers at the RTR are gone. Jeans rule,,, or sport jacket and jeans for stricter places.

        1. No jacket needed and, quite honestly, I had the lunch tasting back in June and believe it was the best meal experience of my life. The food was great - not the BEST - but the overall experience was wonderful in all ways and better than places like Alex, Spago, Le Cirque, Babbo, EMP, and others. Enjoy it.

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            Thanks guys; any thoughts on Lunch tasting menu vs. al a carte? Is the tasting menu comparatively light in terms of portion size (as all good tasting menus arguably should be)?