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Nov 5, 2008 08:38 PM

jack's waterfront - st clair shores, mi [Detroit Area]

i just happened to stumble across the fact that jack's is going to be on gordon ramsey's kitchen nightmares tomorrow (11/06). kind of frightening since i have eaten there before, though it was a couple of years ago and very mediocre then. it must have really turned into a disater to be chosen for a makeover. it will be interesting to see a local place on his show.

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  1. Is this the place that has a bar in the front with outdoor dancing and you can pull a boat up and park it? If so, we were there this summer and it was a prime candidate for a HUGE makeover. I actually told my husband that the only reason that people were eating there was because of the location as the whole place was a mess. I had never been there before and have no plans of returning. The written special of the day was "Yellow Fish" tuna not Yellow Fin, unless this is a species that I haven't heard of.

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      Well after watching the show last night, it seems like we were there after the show was filmed and I was still underwhelmed. I think they need to decide if they are a restaurant or a party bar. Wasn't shown on the show, but when we were there in July the first thing you see when walking up to the door is everyone dancing to really loud music on the patio and drinking at 6:00 p.m. Everyone in our group commented on that.

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        bummer, we were hoping for a decent waterfront restaurant that would be worth a Sunday afternoon drive.

        Did anyone else think it strange that Gordon pushed "sea" fish instead of lake perch/walleye/whitefish? And he didn't know what lake perch tasted like--and turned it into CHOWDER?


      Jack's On The Waterfront Restaurant
      24214 Jefferson Avenue, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
      (586) 445-8080 ‎

      Chef Ramsey did a show called "Kitchen Nightmares" to find the problems of the restaurant and turn it around by remodeling the restaurant, making sure fresh foods are served, Weed out any bad staff, and make recommendations to ensure a profitable business. On the show the owner stated he was 250,000 in debt at the time of the taping of the show. After firing to assistant cooks and the general manager (Father). They had high hopes of turning around the business with a few of Chef Ramseys favorite dishes. Now the restaurant is OUT OF BUSINESS. What a shame.

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        New owners. New management. Now called Dockside Jack's.

      2. Out of business again!

        Re-opening as Brownie's On The Lake on May 26th.

        Andiamo Restaurant Group is managing this new venture.

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          first joe vicari decided to revive joe muer's. now brownie's. what's next:

          carl's chop house
          1940 chop house
          too chez
          golden mushroom
          the schmidt haus
          the royal touch
          sveeden house
          dino's pizza

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            It's all about diversification.

            Or, throw enough mud against a wall and some of it will stick...

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              How about Topinka's or the Egg and I?

              1. re: momskitchen

                or the keg and i that was right behind the egg and i for prime rib.

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                  xman, Sorry to sound like a comparatively short timer, but what was the Schmidt Haus?
                  PS--if the Andiamo group is involved, then I'm taking a pass, though I'm sure they won't miss me.

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                    german restaurant in the 70's which, ironically was right where andiamo's flagship is on 14 mile between mound and van dyke. i remember going there for a big extended family dinner when i was about 7 - and i threw up.

                    14 mile and van dyke was also the location of "mr. f's." upscale (for the east side) 1970's steak house. they had a huge steer on top of their sign.

              2. Stopped in for a lunch at Brownie's on Tuesday.

                The Lunch Menu is a bit of a surprize:

                Two seafood Apps, one chowder, a whitefish, and, an Icelandic Cod offered as Specialty Entrees. No Lake Perch. No Walleye. Their menu definately needs help.

                Dining room was empty at 11:30. Tiki Bar and Patio were about a third occupied. No real indicators that Andiamo is running the place. (I know. I know).

                Honestly, the highlight of my meal was a glass of Oak Reserve 2007 Merlot at $7.

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                  That *is* a weird lunch menu. Out of all of the offerings, only 7 could be considered anywhere in the "seafood" category, and four are apps, and one's a soup! No fish sandwiches, and only two fish entrees: whitefish, and cod (in the form of fish and chips...). For a place "on the Lake", that's just plain strange/weird, especially since they have several more seafood offerings at dinner (salmon, crab stuffed flounder, perch...). I mean, salmon's so ubiquitous anymore, it's hard to believe that it *isn't* on the lunch menu *anywhere* you go.

                  It's almost looking more Italian in nature, which considering Andiamo's "expertise" (HA!) isn't all that surprising.

                  Glad the wine was good.