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Nov 5, 2008 05:29 PM

Need a Colonial Themed Restaurant in DC for Mom's Birthday

My sister and I are treating our parents to dinner in DC in a couple of weeks. My Mom LOVES everything Colonial, but we can't go all the way to Colonial Williamsburg just for dinner. Does anyone have any suggestions for Washington proper? The more themed the better, costumes are a bonus! Thank you!

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    1. re: FlaHopper

      Yes, Gadsby's is definitely what you want.

    2. If you want to drive north to Frederick, check out John Hagan's Tavern on Old US 40 on Braddock Mountain. First opened in the 1740's, they still serve some of the original menu items. Neat old place with good food.

      1. The Mount Vernon Inn "all with colonial charm, colonial servers, and delicious regional and colonial cuisine"

        1. The food at Mt. Vernon is better than I expected, and the site is definitely worth a visit. For something in DC proper, 1789 is always solid.

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          1. re: mordacity

            I 2nd 1789. No costumes but the atmosphere feels colonial. It's a classy place to dine with top-notch food.

          2. Mount Vernon Inn does the colonial thing, garb and all. Food not too bad either, particularly the pies. About a 35-45 minute drive from downtown, straight down the GW Parkway. You're not going to find much like that in downtown DC. They're too busy eating small plates in echo chambers.