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Good website or store for steep discounts on cutlery?

I finally want to break down and buy a high quality knife set - Wustof and Henkels or another good european made brand. I want to get a full set with a butcher block - 8-12 pieces. I know the high end sets can cost upwards of $600 on up. I'd really like to see if I can spend less than half of that. Are there any good websites or stores that offer steep discounts on cutlery?

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  1. It appears that there are some good deals going at www.chefknivestogo.com right now.

    1. Those 20% coupons from BB&B often have exclusions at the bottom, but I've never had them turned down. And while the best knives aren't always available at the stores, you can print out what you want from the website and bring it to them. They will order it for you, give you the discount, and have it shipped directly to your home at no additional charge.

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          ebay seems to have some insane deals but I'm scared to pull the trigger (for knives and some all clad) any suggestions?

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            I bought my Wustof's from a seller on Ebay and I paid a fraction of what I would have paid any where else. As long as the seller has a good rating I have no qualms about buying on Ebay.

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              I've bought lots of knives on ebay and i'm satisfied with every one of them. My latest was an F. Dick Premier chef's knife for $28, which sells for around $80 discounted. Back to the OP, I would recommend against a set. For the amount of money you are willing to spend, invest in a great chef's knife, a nice paring knife, maybe a bread knife and a slicer., a nice santoku. Altogether, it won't set you back $300 and will be all you need.

          2. Anything like that, I would call up Central Restaurant Supply and speak to my supply rep Chris L. You should know that large resellers like Central has some web markup that can be subject to a discount upon an elbow bumping request. A few months ago I got a huge $65 discount on an $200 order that made my day. Of course your mileage may vary, but as with all things, you do not know a thing till you ask.


            1. Don't buy a set! How many knives do you actually use?

              http://www.knifecenter.com/, go to the 'kitchen center'.

              1. cutlerynmore.com has a Wustof Classic butcher block knife set (8pc) for 299.95, free shipping (reg price, 629.00)

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                  I have had good experiences with www.cutleryandmore.com. i agree that a knife set is a bad value -- yeah, the block looks cool. But I do 90% of my work with one knife. In the past decade or more it is a Santuko chef's knife, light and very sharp. Before that it was an ancient carbon steel chef's knife with a very long blade. The other 10% is chopping through bones with a heavy cleaver, doing small work with a paring knife (which I don't handle very well -- I'm more comfortable with my Santoku), or very occasional slicing bread or something that needs a serrated blade.

                  Cutleryandmore.com has a deal going on with a Wustof santoku chef's knife that qualifies for their free shipping. Try it out -- it's only about $60 or so with the scalloped blade, which isn't essential and is marketed saying it keeps stuff from sticking to the blade but really just looks cool. I also am a big fan of the MAC Pro Santoku which was the Cook's Illustrated recommended knife a decade or so ago which I really love.

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                    I agree with Nosh, and use my santokus quite a bit. Also, Mac makes a really nice chef's knife called Mighty Mac, which retails for around $90 or so. You could probably get by just with that for most of your kitchen needs. Knives are a personal thing, though, and if you have a good cutlery store nearby, go and handle some of them. Some let you even try chopping stuff with demo knives. And whatever you decide on, be sure to get a good ceramic honing steel to keep the edge nice and sharp