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Nov 5, 2008 04:52 PM

Pecans from Sherard Plantation, Sherard MS

For many years I have ordered pecans from the Sherard Plantation in MS. This year I didn't get the usual catalog, their phone is disconnected and website gone. Any idea what happened to this wonderful company that has sold pecans since the 1800's? Any suggestions for other equally as high quality raw shelled pecans? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  1. the 800 # is down but they are still in business. I live nearby and give their cakes as gifts. Amazing cakes. The local # is 662-627-7211. I'm going to pick mine up tomorrow, so I know the # is working.

    1. Yes, that company was owned and operated by John H Sherard & Son. I was born and raised on Sherard plantation back in the 50's. I went to Sherard Elementary School. I now reside in Hinesville, GA. As you may already know, Georgia is a large grower of pecans. The last time I visited the plantation I discovered that Mr. Sherard was in poor health. The plantation over the years suffered many financial woes. There were not many heirs to carry on the legacy. After Mr. Sherard' s death, the company closed.