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Nov 5, 2008 04:47 PM

Sat Brunch UWS - Not much wait?

This is probably an impossible goal.

We're coming into the city on Saturday to take our 7 year old to the Gazillion Bubble Show at World Wide Plaza and thought it would be fun to have brunch first. The UWS seems to make sense as a neighborhood for brunch. Approximately a million years ago, when we lived in the city, we always like Sarabeths and Popover Cafe and good brunch places always had a long wait. I can see from various UWS brunch threads that those are still mostly recommended, along with Barney Greengrass, Fairway Cafe and a few others.

So here's the million dollar question (ok, maybe the 100K question in the current economy), is there anyplace for a good brunch around 11ish on a Saturday morning that doesn't require a long wait?

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  1. For this coming Saturday, for three people? Can you commit to a reservation? I see availability at the Neptune Room on OpenTable for 11:30am - I would grab that ASAP.

    1. I like Freds - amazing French Toast that tastes like candy (made with cinamon raisin bread) and I dont remember ever waiting very long. Very casual - good for kids - pictures of dogs all over the walls. 83rd/Amsterdam

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        As much as I like Neptune Room's brunch, I think Fred's might be better for a 7 year old. The brunch menu at Neptune Room, other than the french toast, is a bit more sophisticated. Unless you have a sophisticated 7 year old.

        Also, if you feel like going earlier you might have a better luck at a place like Sarabeth's.

      2. Fairway Cafe is definitely the best option. Its laidback and affordable and you, or your 7 year old, can be as loud as you want. Go grab some cookies at Levain Bakery on 74th Street right after and keep your 7 year old happy (and hyper) for a long time.

        Attached is a photo of the Levain cookie, its unreal, get the chocolate chip walnut. Best cookie Ive ever had.

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          Im also inclined to say that 11am won't leave you faced with crowds at a lot of the more casual places. Sarabeth's and Good Enough to Eat, etc will be packed then. But, Fred's would be a great choice and I doubt there would be a wait at that time.

        2. i am a fan of freds although i've never had the brunch but i always enjoy my dinner. definitely kid friendly though. across the street is hi life. i hear they have a mean bread/muffin basket at brunch. could be another option