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Nov 5, 2008 04:31 PM

Who has the best wasabi in LA?

Which sushi restaurant in LA has the real deal wasabi? One that will get rid of a cold on the spot. Some wasabi can be eaten like an avocado. I want the one that is not only painfully hot, but has good flavor and texture.

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  1. The effects of real wasabi (e.g. are much more subtle than the horseradish rush that everyone is used to. You may be disappointed when you find the real thing...

    1. Agree with Joe Blowe about wasabi...

      The real stuff, when freshly grated on sharkskin, is considerably milder but more flavorful than the industrial grade horseradish served at most non-premium sushi places.

      If you are into real wasabi, try it at Urasawa and The Hump.

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      1. re: J.L.

        Mori-san grates it fresh at Mori Sushi on Pico near the 405.

        But I agree, the fresh stuff from the root is not hot and sinus-cleansing like the paste... But it's the only wasabi I like.

        Try Ranch 99 for fresh wasabi root if you wanna try it at home.

      2. So you want the dayglo green horseradish that you can buy in the store powdered or in tubes. Real wasabi is hot but not painful and the flavor is amazing, no high end place would serve the other stuff and they would not serve it to you with great fish. Try asking Nozawa for it and you could be thrown out. I went to dip my fish in the wrong sauce and he corrected me and guided me to the right one for full flavor of fish.

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        1. re: Burger Boy

          The one time i ate at Nozawa, the wasabi was green and runny... the one thing it did not taste like was real wasabi.

        2. Wasabi seems to come in 3 levels: fresh-grated, from the tube, and powdered. That's in order of quality, not hotness. I'd expect any second-tier Japanese-run sushi place would give you the hot stuff. Never heard of wasabi being mild enough to eat like avocado, though I was witness to a guy being conned into eating some that he was told was Japanese guacamole. He didn't eat a lot of it.

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          1. re: Akitist

            The fresh grated wasabi i had, you just grabed a pinch with your fingers and popped it in your mouth, it was sublime. When we used the fresh on sushi we had made it was great! The tube stuff I have seen is just like the powdered only already to go. The fresh is worth it if you do sushi at home, just need a 2 oz piece and a good ginger grater.

            1. re: Akitist

              We have purchased (at Surfas - they don't always have it) real wasabi in a powdered form. It may not be the same as fresh, but it is much better than the normal green horseradish powder. We always try to have some on hand.

              1. re: bllrdfam

                they have powdered real wasabi at Penzeys Spices in Torrance?

              2. re: Akitist

                Hi Everybody, In your posts, please include places where one can buy, or be served, top notch wasabi in the Los Angeles area. General discussion about wasabi is off topic on this board.


              3. Rules of the game are:
                1) become a regular of ANY decent sushi chef
                2) ask for real wasabi, you'll get it
                3) no such thing as painfully hot real wasabi
                4) only the chef handles the wasabi