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Nov 5, 2008 04:13 PM

chestnut hill for 20 + yo people?

My 23 yo daughter is trying to get her first apt in Chestnuthill and she is turining into quite the foodie. Is this a fun area for that age group? It's been so long that I have been there but remember it as a cool place with great bars and restaurants. Still true?

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  1. Hi Kathi,
    I just moved out of Chestnut Hill...I lived there from when I was 24-27. I can't say enough good things about the area and was sad to leave. However, the great bar and restaurant scene you might remember is not one I can honestly say still exists. I think there are some great neighborhood bars (McMenamins, which is technically Mt. Airy, McNallys, Tavern on the Hill, Campbell's, etc) but the actual restaurants, in general, leave something to be desired. It is conveniently located to a lot of other areas with great restaurants though, and the public transportation system there is very easily accessible if/when she decides to venture out of the hill. Despite being a lover of food, I would always return to Chestnut Hill, even knowing what rather mediocre options there are. Oh, I'm not sure how she feels about bakeries but I think she'll be very pleased with the dessert options on the hill. I wish her good luck!

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      Thanks, Laura! That was ver helpful:) Good luck in your new place!

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        Cake (in what was Robertson's atrium) serves very nice byob dinners on Thursdays and Fridays. Opens at 6pm, no reservations.

      2. Earth Bread and Brewery

        1. Here are a few thoughts, which while not being high end are still worthy places...

          McNallys & Tavern on the Hill already mentioned. Cin Cin towards the bottom of the Hill is still pretty good. From the Boot in Lafayette Hill on Germantown Pike has pretty reasonable Italian food. On Bethlem Pike as you come into Erdenheim the Fairlane Breakfast has great breakfasts. Further down is Cisco's a great place for sandwiches. Also worth looking at is the CH farmers market, and on Saturdays at the bottom of the Hill a number of real farmers come in and set up stalls. In Wyndmoor there is a good little take away (out?) Indian on Willow Grove. Chestnut Hill Coffee is pretty good, and I like the French Bakery (just behind CH Coffee) down in the carpark. I am told Hoka Hoka is pretty good japanese - I have not tried myself - bottomish of the Hill. We prefer the Flourtown Market over CH - on Bethlehem Pike - greater variety. Osaka is OK - never been that impressed with it - but there are others who really like. Caffette on Ardsley - one block East of GA just below Jenks is pretty good and has a nice vibe... Our favourite butcher is over in Ardsley - Joes Deli - on Jenkintown road (north of the Edgehill intersection). Very good quality - will get you / cut you anything you want,. Kids love his cold cuts - worth the trip.

          1. A little further down the hill in Mt. Airy is my all-time favorite Geechee Rice Cafe -- very fresh and tasty southern inspired menu. Also worth checking out in Mt. Airy are Tiffin on Emlen St. and Bacio on Mt. Pleasant.

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              Bacio is no more, sadly, but second Tiffin and GeeChee girl. Cafette has gone way downhill, but Hokka Hokka is good, and the new Earth Bread Brewery is a new fave of ours.

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                Oh no, I'm surprised about Bacio -- it seemed very popular.

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                  Ate at Cafette Saturday night and I can report that it was as good as it was last year and the year before. I've read a few posts about Cafette's downhill slide; one I have yet to experience....Earth, good concept, good beer, the pizza...ahem, I mean flatbread, is OK...inconsistent from night to night. McMenamin's is, as always, a comfortable neighborhood bar with a killer beer selection and good food. Tiffin...great Indian food; better eaten as takeout - the once comfy Hamlet Bistro has been stripped of all its charm in it's new incarnation. I have to agree with FriskLamb's assessment of Joe's Deli in Ardsley...I've been getting my meats from there for years and it is worth the drive.

                  1. re: G Goo

                    Agree with G Goo with a couple exceptions. I like Cafette but it does seem that they never change their menu. Also, ate in at Tiffin last night for the second time. I think the atmosphere is very nice. The servers are extremely gracious as well. It's been a few years since I've been to Hamlet Bistro. Did they have candles on the tables? I think so. That might have made it a little warmer. I wouldn't say, however, that the place has been stripped of all its charm.

                    1. re: JanR

                      In Hamlet what was once additional tables and a chalkboard menu was replaced with a bank of phones and computer equipment and a table that serves no apparent purpose. Computer and phone wires are exposed with no attempt to conceal them. Now on the walls are seemingly generic Indian street pictures cut out from a magazine and slapped in a frame to portray something "authentic". I'm probably nitpicking here but I'm just lamenting what was lost. We used to go to Hamlet especially in the winter for a hunker down, cozy kinda meal, and I feel like that is gone. And you know you are right about Cafette's never-changing menu, but it is always good....I go there for the consistency not adventure.

                    2. re: G Goo

                      Could you be clearer on how the flatbreads at Earth are inconsistent? It's kinda hard to screw up pizza isn't it? What been your experience exactly?


                      1. re: Chinon00

                        Sure. I enjoyed the sausage pizza immensely the first time, perfect proportions of cheese sausage and sauce with all ingredients seemingly fresh. The next time there was very little sauce and the sausage tasted completely different, as if they changed suppliers. The third time we had different pizzas, the traditional (I think that's what it is called) and the Mexican. The Mexican was better than I was expecting, but the traditional's crust seemed almost stale, not exactly fresh. All in all a great addition to the 'hood with some early inconsistencies that I'm sure will be worked out. And boy I wish they'd just call it pizza...going out for pizza sounds fun! Going out for flatbread sounds depressing.......maybe it's just me......

                        1. re: G Goo

                          re: what to call it... I'm torn. i've had 3 - the traditional, the pesto, the seed.
                          traditional: yup. that's a pizza.
                          pesto: this one's on the border. it's an italian flavor profile in an italian (or italian-american, anyway) format, even if it's not the way that we normally make pizza
                          seed: nope. this one's something different.

                          so overall, it doesn't bother me. 'wraps' do so i understand your point, i think.

                    3. re: doxiemom

                      I drove past Bacio tonight with my wife and daughter and there were people inside dining. Who told you that they were closed?

                  2. Please do not tell me that Bacio's is closed!!!! If I knew it was going to close, I would go and eat lasagna there, every night, for a's that good!!!