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Nov 5, 2008 03:41 PM

Best Dim Sum?

My family has been going to Ocean Star for years, but I'm getting pretty tired of their fare--any sugestions for Sunday dim sum?

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  1. I think many on this board will feel that this subject has been discussed ad nauseum. However, I've recently seen a couple of posts regarding NBC reopening soon. It was mentioned that they will be serving dim sum off of a menu which seems to be the trend right now. If you have yet to try these menu-driven places like Sea Harbour in Rosemead, or Elite that is just down the street from NBC, you may want to give these places a try. The quality and selection is quite good compared to the typical cart-driven dim sum houses in the valley, and the service is a little more attentive in my opinion. Yes, it costs more, but in my eyes, it's still a huge bargain when compared to the equivalent level of dining in other areas or cuisines.

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        Elite... went there today again.

        -Crispy shrimp in rice roll (has it all: the crispy layer, the succulent shrimp and the rice noodle wrap: the perfect dim sum)
        -Shiu Mai (best version of the otherwise standard dim sum choice)
        -Shark Fin/ red clam dumpling (pimped out har gow)
        -Pan fried noodle in XO sauce (not too spicy, just the right amount of kick)
        -Macau custard tarts (oh... my... god...)

        Note they'll charge for a tea set up even if you don't drink it, so... drink it.

        Try to go before noon or after 1:30 during the week, or around 11:00 or after 2:00 on the weekends, else you'll be waiting for a while.