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Nov 5, 2008 03:38 PM

Recommendations Wanted for Satay2Go [MSP]

I'm going to be in Apple Valley this weekend, so I will finally get around to trying Satay2Go, which sounds fantastic but is just too far of a hike for me normally. I'm interested in hearing about any and every item on the menu hounds would recommend, and it would also be helpful if anyone knew of dishes that could be made vegetarian-style. On an older thread, someone mentioned the mee rebus, but anything else would be helpful. (Vegetarian is not a requirement for the entire group.)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm not on the up and up on their vegetarian dishes/substitutions, etc. but here are my recs for the meat eaters...

    Singapore Chow Fun (get it spicy) (Chicken and Shrimp)
    Mee Goreng
    BBQ Short Ribs
    Pork Dumplings

    Curried Potato and Chicken Bun
    BBQ Pork Buns..
    Coconut Cream Bun

    Long time patron of Satay2Go - one of my favorite restaurants in the state...they are so friendly and courteous...

    1. adding places link

      Satay 2 Go
      6670 150th St, Apple Valley, MN

      1. Ummm! I adore this place. Check out this link to Twin Cities Metromix. They did a feature on it with a photogallery:

        The Japanese pizza (Okonomiyaki) was very VERY rich, something neat to try, but I would say go with the Chow Fun or something else for the main dish.

        And above all - Milky Buns! Eat them while you're there and take some home.

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          I love their singapore chow fun.