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Nov 5, 2008 01:24 PM


Just got a coupon in my snail mail for a free two month membership at BJ's. Gah. Just starting to get used to Costco's and now another strange new world looms on the horizon. Gonna head over to Chains to get some ideas as to what to look for there but I still wanted to ask here in Pa. about the local BJ's. I'm thinking about hitting the BJ's in warrington so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful. Hey at least if I hate it there I can console myself at Wegman''s.

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  1. We have a Sam's Club membership also and I am not renewing it. I used to belong to BJ's through work. My heart belongs to Costco.

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      Thanks for the info cuz I got there really late and did get my two free months but didn't have much time to look around. The cinnamon muffins smelled yummy as I dashed past and I did grab some macadamia nuts as per the other BJs thread that I read here in Chains. Sorry about the redundancy here, I posted in Pennsylvania because I wanted to know about the local BJs, I knew about the other BJs thread obviously but my post got moved to Chains also. Maybe some nice mod will move it back to Pennsylvannia before some kind fellow hounds informs me that there is another thread here on chains? /keeps fingers crossed. Please?

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        I just got home from BJ's. Now, mind u, I'm not in PA (although I"m from there - ha), but I was duly impressed to see oxtails at $3.99/lb, little Fugi apples $7/5 lbs(I hate the mammoth ones at the grocery store), prosciutto at $9.50/lb and short ribs $3.39/lb. Not too shabby.

        FYI, our BJ's sells house made pizelles! If we've got them down here, you definitely have them up there in PA. :)

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        The chowhound discussion board on national chain restauarants and stores.

      2. My wife and I belong to BJ's. We have found many good deals there. They got us in with the free membership deal also. I saw BJ's was rated to be the best of the costco's, sam's and BJ's by consumer reports I think.

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          Personally, I liked their deli as you could buy reasonable quantities of deli meats for about half of the national chains. Also, you could purchase smaller quantities than the other store.

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          1. I keep getting free "trial memberships" there (yes, you can keep on signing up using those trial membership coupons). I live near the one in Oxford Valley. I don't wind up shopping there often, but if I have a party I stock up.

            I like the Berkeley & Jensen Columbian Coffee as a decent everyday coffee, at only $3/lb.

            Sorry I guess that doesn't really tell you too much about your local Warrington BJ's.

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              Thanks sadiefox, I like knowing that I might get more coupons because I refuse to pay for both Costco and BJs And I'll try the coffee.

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                One of the advantage of Sam's and BJ's is taht periodically throughout the year they will offer a trial or guest membership.