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Nov 5, 2008 01:15 PM


Went there for lunch today, and ordered my usual Fennel Sausage pie. By the time I finished my second slice, I noticed the plate was pooled with oil. I had seen posts about this before, and chalked it up to anti-Mozza people. So to those who did post that, my apologies. When I saw all the oil. I showed the plate to the waiter and asked him if Brian, the chef du cuisine was in the kitchen. I was told that as of last week his no longer working there. So I filled out the " how are we doing" cards that came with the bill, and presented it to the host on my way out. He apologized profusely, told me he appreciated my comment, and said he would pass it on to the pizziaolo of the moment. Still think it's the best pizza in LA, and still think Vito's is crap.

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  1. A final swirl of good olive oil is a good thing on a woodfired pizza. That said, I am not a fan of the pizza at P. Mozza. I like Antica better.

    1. A friend and I were first timers at P. Mozza last week. We were quite happy with our salad (Rucola) but we were both equally unimpressed with the two pizzas we shared: one Clam & one Bianca with fontina, etc. Certainly not terrible, and the crust was pretty good (but not amazing). Apart from some celebrity sightings, it was really nothing to get too excited about.

      Also, considering that the place is on the pricey side, the least one should expect would be exemplary service. Again, not terrible - just mediocre.

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        I've posted plenty about my negative feelings about Mozza. Trusting CH, I decided to return. The pizza changed a lot from when I had it last year, for the better. It is infinitely more interesting, less doughy. I wasn't nuts about it but I found respect for their pie, saw some of its unique characteristics.

        One of our pies was the fennel sausage and it wasn't oily.
        The one complaint: a rather nasty and terse waitress that tainted the meal. Oh, and the bill, about a hundred dollars (at a pizzeria?).

        1. re: epop

          "The one complaint: a rather nasty and terse waitress that tainted the meal"

          Ours wasn't nasty - just too cool for the room. Maybe it's like the old Jerry Seinfeld line about record store clerks: they think THEY'RE the band. It seems that servers in trendy restaurants have a tendency to develop this attitude of hipness.

          Repeatedly having to ask for water or napkins or whatever, while minor, does put a crimp in the meal - especially at Mozza pricing.

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            I wish that I could've traded you, Briggs.

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            we were just there last weekend with our kids and had a really fantastic experience with the service- total opposite of these posts- my kids are big foodies and engaged our server in conversation on all manner of related topics- she was gracious, lovely patient and kind. even prior to her falling in love with our kids (8 and 11), the service was attentive and informative. heck, i arrived 10 minutes late from an emergency i was required to attend to and the host even had seated my family before i got there (not the norm in pretentious restaurants). the kicker was that when we paid the bill, the waitress said that she had talked to nancy silverton (at the osteria mozz bar) about us and she wanted us to bring the kids over to meet her- which we did. yes, they were cultivating our return business and yes, it worked. btw- the food was quite good- pricey for pizza, yes- but if you want inexpensive pizza why would you go to a celebrity chef helmed restaurant?

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              We ate at P Mozza before 6pm, two Monday's ago and had a fabulous experience. Our server (petite brunette with glasses) was beyond helpful and friendly. I introduced us as foodies and asked her to steer us in the right direction so that we had a great first experience. She didn't disappoint. We chose items that appealed and she commented and suggested based on what we were looking for. Her wine choice was perfect for us and so was the salad. She wouldn't let us get one of the desserts she strongly suggested the budino and which flavors for my sorbet trio. OMG she was right!
              Our pizza was perfect, it was the meat lover's--we were starved and I wanted to try the fennel sausage. There wasn't a drop of oil on the plate. The crust had a bit of a char in one spot, but it was still great! My only complaint was that things were a bit saltier than I would have liked. The chicken cacciatore was really good, but the salt could have been reduced. We had a $102 bill for the two of us and we were stuffed, but it was a fun evening and we will return!

              FYI We had lunch at Craft this past week and weren't thrilled. The service was solicitous and great, but the food.was not to our taste.