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Nov 5, 2008 12:51 PM

BYO Rittenhouse or Center city

New to the BYO scene, got some reccomendations about a year ago, but i forget them. Something 20-35$ a plate, seafood, italian, or american. Going with around 10 people and should you make reservations to all of these places?


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  1. I'd suggest Mercato(italian), Matyson (american), Modo Mio (italian), Lolita(Mexican) or Bindi (Indian).

    FYI -Most of the BYOs don't take reservations. Check out - they now have a BYO section for Philly.

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    1. re: jl0328

      Which BYOB's don't take reservations? I've never heard of one that didn't.

      1. re: Boognish

        Two that don't take reservations are Mercato and Melograno. It's not true, however, that most byob's don't take reservations.

        1. re: JanR

          You know, I take my initial comment back: Radicchio doesn't take reservations either, but the majority do.

    2. Two wonderful byob's are Matyson and Branzino.

      They both take reservations - and you absolutely need them!

      1. I would always call as well. Many BYOs in the area don't seat more than 40, and may not be able to seat 10 on a weekend.

        1. Salento or Melograno. I believe Salento takes reservations; in any case, I would definitely call ahead to let your choice of restaurant know the size of the group.

          1. Branzino would be a good choice. They have a large varied menu and a nice room upstairs for a large group.