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Nov 5, 2008 12:38 PM

Cafe Fixe in Washington Square

Have any of you been there yet? Read a brief review on Bostonist, but am wondering about other accounts. Anyone know what the hours are like?

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  1. I stopped by for a free coffee (in honor of the elections and their opening day) yesterday and was very happy with my latte. The space is bright and clean and conducive to sitting a while. Service was a little slow, but the staff is clearly learning how to use the machines properly and serve a good cup. The milk is from the Berkshires (I believe) - I was sad they had no skim though, especially since it froths so much better. The pastries look good, but I haven't tried any yet.

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      One more endorsement for Cafe Fixe. I stick to just plain black coffee, and they make a great cup. The world needs more of these types of places...

    2. I've been in there twice. I think it's fantastic. I've been waiting for a coffee shop like this to open up in this area for a long time.

      All the beans they have are top rate and extremely fresh. I think besides Simon's in Cambridge and maybe Diesel, it's the only place in the Boston area that you can get an espresso that is properly prepared.

      The person commented that the service is slow. It's not slow at all, but the drinks are made with care. It's worth the wait. You won't get that across the street, where all they do it push a button.

      Try a pour over, it will take 5 minutes, but the flavor is amazing.

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        I think you misunderstood me. I meant that on opening day, they were still training staff and there was slowness from that. Things have picked up since then. And yes, it is exciting to have someone pulling real espresso in the area. Starbucks aside, even Athan's has a hard time with espresso (unless I order it with milk, there should be no milk in it).

      2. I had the most perfect cafe au lait I've had in years at Cafe Fixe. The coffee is from Berkshire Coffee Roasters and the milk is from High Lawn dairy. There is a small pastry case but I didn't sample or ask about their provider. The owners are lovely, the space is minimalist but airy and very pleasant and they have free wi-fi. I believe they open around 6 or 6:30 and close around 9 weeknights. Sundays they close around 7 and I don't know what time they open on the weekends.

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        1. We live near Cafe Fixe and were in on the first day. It's become our regular place. I highly recommend the regular coffee, the teas and the French Press (the b.f and I like to split one on sundays). They are light on the food options presently but what they do have is very good. My b.f. prays every morning that they'll still have their lemon scones left, and the bran muffin is ridiculously filling! I'm hoping they start stocking some sort of good yogurt soon to go with their granola.

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            I was there earlier this week and saw yogurt in the fridge. The pastries are from Danish Pastry House. I tried a pour over this week and was not impressed. I think part of the problem is that Max, the owner, has hired some new staff who aren't yet as knowledgeable or skilled as he is. The quality is markedly different when Max prepares the drinks than when he is out of the shop.

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              The yogurts are Fage and Old Chatham sheep's milk. More evidence that the idea behind the business is a few products, but choice ones. The owner won't shy from advising customers on drink choices on occasion, for example, but he does it quietly and with some charm; not at all in the manner of the notorious barista/demanding customer faceoffs of web fame. And he has been right, at least when I was on the receiving end of the suggestion. So I would be surprised if standards weren't evened out soon.

              But also, I'm so thrilled to see more interesting local food businesses in this part of town, and really want this place to have a chance (plus I agree with those who rate it among the top coffee around.) Why should the other side of the river get all the decent coffee?