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Nov 5, 2008 11:46 AM

Soy and Sake, delicious veg sushi and pan asian

Soy and Sake is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. It's located at 47 to 49 7th Avenue South.

They have delicious vegetarian sushi plus pan-Asian favorites like pad thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes.

I've tried the Bento box which was enormous and the "pork chops" with collard greens. Everything was yum-o and around 6 to 9 dollars (which includes a soup/salad/"chicken" skewer)! Oh, they also serve wine and beer.

Go check it out if you're nearby or somewhat nearby.

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  1. Excellent. I'll add it to my list of places to check out. Do they have a website yet or anything?

    1. I ate here for the first time this evening, and overall, it was a good experience.

      For apps, we ordered the buffalo wings (five to the order; perfectly prepared/presented) and something called a Soy Crab Tortilla, which I advise you skip. It was a small white corn tortilla smeared with avocado and topped with what looked like shredded soy cheese (this was the soy crab). The whole thing was cold, unimaginative and flavorless.

      For mains we ordered the Spider Web roll and the Shrimp Tempura roll. Both came out together on a large, oval glass plate. The Spider Web was five large pieces, which included warm fried "crab", asparagus, avo, etc. and was delicious. The Shrimp Tempura was eight large pieces, all topped with a spicy "tuna" that resembled a walnut pate, but tasted great. The accompanying sauces were dotted along the plate, but next time I think I'll order an extra side of spicy vegan mayo.

      Service was stellar and the atmosphere really is pleasant. You have nice people-watching out the window to Seventh Avenue South, while you have a huge fish tank* on the other side to stare at and zone out on.

      *It's nice that this isn't an ironic accessory that you might otherwise find in a real fish/seafood/sushi restaurant.