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Nov 5, 2008 11:23 AM

Serving only beer & wine at a party.

We're having a holiday party in our home this year. I only want to serve beer, wine, and assorted sodas and juices. I have a friend who insists I should also serve mixed drinks and/or other spirits because not everybody wants a choice of wine or beer. I told her that I really don't want to spend extra money on alcohol and spend time mixing drinks. She said I was being cheap and should at least buy a bottle of vodka. Am I being cheap and petty?

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  1. You are not being cheap, by any are providing a variety of refreshmenrts and a place to enjoy them. As for your friends suggestion of buying one bottle of will be consumed quickly and then the guests would comment on how only one bottle of vodka was's a cruel world.

    My take is if your friend feels so strongly about the choice of beverages you have selected to provide is inadequate.....tell her you will not mind if she is willing to supply all the hard liquor which she feels is appropriate....out of her own pocket as her contribution.

    1. Any gathering offering only beer and wine would seem to me to be very spartan.
      As host you need not be a mixologist.
      Put out a 1.75 of scotch, one of vodka, perhaps one of gin and asst. mixers.
      Guests can mix their own.
      If the xtra $100 in spirits is a budget buster wait till the cost is comfortable.

      1. 90% of the parties I've attended served exactly what you describe and I've never thought the host or hostess was cheap.

        1. I think it's totally fine not to serve hard alcohol. This probably isn't the case with everyone, but only one of our friends even drinks hard alcohol. I think most will be happy with beer and wine. I think if you let people know you are serving beer, wine & mixers, anyone that HAS to have a cocktail could figure it out and bring their own stuff.

          1. I wouldn't worry about it, unless you know that some of your invited guests only drink hard liquor. I've done similar parties where I only serve sparkling wine.