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Nov 5, 2008 11:14 AM

catered lunch in boston???

i am often having to order lunch for my office for large meetings (25-30 people) and i generally bring my lunch, so i have no idea where to get food from. our standbys are au bon pain and sam lagrassa's, but i would love to get something more interesting.

please help me so i don't have to endure au bon pain any longer!

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  1. Give Jules Catering a call....617-628-5977

    1. Jules is a good suggestion. There's also Max's Deli Cafe, Viga, Al's, Rebecca's Cafe, Sultan's Kitchen, J Pace, Pizzeria Regina and Bertucci's. A few more expensive options are Sebastian's and Cosi. Then for a special occasion or just something different, Redbones!

      1. Why not go green and also have some delicious food from Basil Tree

        They catered a lunch for an Energy Summit i went to at WGBH studios and it was very good plus the utensils were earth sensitive