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Nov 5, 2008 11:12 AM

Eating at the bar in the South End --tonight.

We've got a rare kid-free 2 hr window tonight and here's what we are hoping to do: Grab a few seats at a restaurant bar, enjoy a somewhat lively scene as well as good food and drinks. I know pretty much all the spots in the South End, and I do have a few places in mind, but just thought I'd throw this question out there --where would you choose and why? Looking for fairly casual: i.e. Hammersly's might be a bit too higher end; Delux on the other end of the spectrum --If Eastern Standard was in the South End, that's where I'd go. We'll get there early enough that I don't think finding a spot at the bar will be an issue. Thoughts?

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  1. Since you mentioned ES, I'd say Union for something somewhat similar. Rocca was my other first thought. Have you been to Banq?

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    1. re: Joanie

      Haven't been to Banq. I looked at the menu when it first opened and wasn't all that intrigued. It's definitely a cool space though, so if the food's good, it might be worth trying.
      Rocca's ok, but I'd rather go to Stella for that type of food.

      Keep 'em coming....

      1. re: twentyoystahs

        As a neighbor of Banq, and one who wasn't impressed with the food when it first opened, I have to tell you that the food there is excellent now. I have had 2 incredible meals there in the past 6 weeks. Eating at the bar itself might be a little chaotic, but the hightops would be nice. The red snapper is fantastic.

      2. re: Joanie

        I'd also recommend Union - we were there a few weeks ago and everything was perfect except for the mussels which tasted a little off. The gnocchi with duck confit were incredible and the chicken was delicious.

      3. Good recs already. Also consider Buttery Bar-Bistro, Sage (new small-plates menu), Pops, Coda, and Toro (closest cocktails to ESK in the South End).

        1. I'm obviously chiming in too late, but I want to throw a little love Sage's way. Table or bar, it's great eats in a relaxed not-too-loud setting.

          1. Im too late too but I'd add Union to the list