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Nov 5, 2008 10:56 AM

Looking for best lamb dishes in midtown west

We are flexible as to type of preparation...lamb burger, rack of lamb...would love to hear any of your favorite suggestions!

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  1. I like brainstorming questions like this. :)

    * If you like your lamb haute, Insieme has a delicate "Elysian FIelds Lamb" dish with cauliflower, romanesco, pine nuts and currants (unclear why it's so named... perhaps so you know you're not getting live lamb?)
    * Best lamb burger is probably at Anthos.
    * Milos had an excellent lamb chop last spring (the first and only time I had it)
    * For something more low key, Akdeniz's version of hunkar begendi (lamb over smoky eggplant puree) isn't too shoddy.

    Insieme's lamb dish is the most interesting (to me); the Anthos burger is the most satisfying on a cold Nov. day if you're hungry.

    1. I'd go to Taboon - lamb out of the Taboon along with some of that bread/tzatiki and grilled octopus...great.


      1. The grilled lamb chops at Keens are some of the best I've had anywhere. And there is, of course, the signature mutton chop, which was many years ago real mutton, but is now lamb saddle.

        1. Best lamb dish Ive had is at Bar Americain - the Lamb Porterhouse - its better than steak. Amazing!